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Unbelievable Anti-Feminism Propaganda Postcards From The 1900s
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2016-07-23 10:05:25
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Unbelievable Anti-Feminism Propaganda Postcards From The 1900s
By Amanda Froelich & trueactivist.com

It is mind-boggling to consider that it hasn’t even been 100 years since women gained the right to vote in the United States. While there is still pay discrepancy between men and women in the work place (women make approximately 77 cents to every dollar a man does) and women are still far more likely to be victims of assault, huge shifts have taken place in the last decade and a half.

Of course, gender equality is nowhere near where it needs to be in many areas of the world (Saudi Arabia, anyone?), but progress is being made. This is an understatement when one contemplates the obstacles U.S. suffragettes were faced with when they first began campaigning for women to be afforded the same rights and opportunities as men.

Just take a look at the following anti-feminism propaganda postcards from the 1900s! Collected by Catherine H. Palczewski, who is a professor of women’s and gender studies at the University of Northern Iowa, the postcards portray how the idea of change is something to be feared, not embraced. To show just how far women’s rights have progressed in the past century, Palczewski has been collecting the postcards for the past 15 years.

According to Vintage Everyday, men viewed empowered women to be not only disagreeable but downright dangerous. In addition, it was broadcasted that women’s rights are an attack on family values and that equality amongst the sexes is an infringement upon man’s place in society.  For this reason, the propaganda postcards (below) were produced.






















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