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Chilcot May have saved Corbyn and stopped Brexit
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-07-07 10:06:40
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blair01_400The say that when it comes to bad news they have the tendency to come all together and for Britain July 6th was another day with more bad news. Well not for everybody. Chairman Sir John Chilcot delivered the results of UK's Iraq War inquiry concluding that: the invasion was not the "last resort" action presented to MPs and the public. There was no "imminent threat" from Saddam, and that Tony Blair overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, sent ill-prepared troops into battle and had "wholly inadequate" plans for the aftermath.

In other words, Tony Blair lied and screwed up big, criminally, globally, consequencing the death of hundreds of thousands. The man has blood on his hands and he will pay for that. Tony Blair was not alone when he lied and cheated, he had accomplices and I don’t mean this reptile spin-doctor Alistair Campbell, only. He had all this bunch of cronies in the Labour Party going under the New Labour brand. And most of them – minor Gordon Brown – are still here. Trying to force policies and agendas.

Jeremy Corbyn did a lot of mistakes during the Brexit-Remain campaign, his main one was that he was not into it. The man didn’t inspire much of remain and after the result there were many - inside and outside the Labour Party – that would have bet that he didn’t even vote for remain himself. He restricted himself into cliché announces and speeches leaving the field for the Tories. After all, it was them who had turned the whole thing into an internal conflict, Boris Vis David. Why not make the best of it after the humiliating defeat in 2015 general elections?

But David lost and nobody was really expecting that; especially since all the opinion polls did show Cameron triumphing …again. Brexit was reality and blaming game started with first victim David. But then Jeremy’s turn came and it was a good chance for the Labour establishment to finish with him. Suddenly the majority of the Labour MPs were against him demanding his resignation. Jeremy stubbornly refused to resign. Jeremy, also stubbornly, had opposed the Iraq invasion when Tony Blair had made it clear, you are with us or Saddam. George W. Bush style. Jeremy made it clear that he was against him, Tony Blair. He actually accused him for violating the fundamentals of the Labour Party and under the New Labour brand he was creating Republicans UK.

He was right. New Labours had absolutely nothing to do with the Labour Party and they were closer to Thatcher’s Tories than the Conservatives the period Tony was ruling. Tony Blair nearly destroyed the Labour Party and definitely divided its supporters. The champion of the workers, the representative of the unions, the defender of the welfare state, education and healthcare for all, had become more capitalist that the Tories. Tony Blair’s Labour Party was not Labour at all. Tony Blair’s era with the Labour Party was like a black hole that absorbed every single Labour light.

Then came the Gordon Brown parenthesis and Ed Miliband. Ed had the right family background, a father that fought the Labour establishment for the unions and the Labour ideals, but he obviously inherited only the name. The man was elected in the leadership of the party from the party’s establishment for one and only reason, because he was the other side of David Cameron. Equally arrogant and ignorant of the needs of the people. Ed Miliband was a weaker version of Tony Blair with a lot of Cameron’s charisma, in other words another black hole.

blair02_400For 18 years the Labour Party was led by people who had absolutely nothing to do with the Labour Party’s ideals and in practice they were closer to the more liberal side of the Conservative Party than their own party. They survived thanks to an establishment that they gradually made theirs and they thought that they can continue for ever. That until Jeremy Corbyn came.

I never really liked Jeremy Corbyn. He has something of the Arthur Scargill era and not from Red Ben. I have the feeling that he is often not about the Labour ideals but he is all about the unions' wants. Is not necessarily always the same, with Arthur Scargill making the best example. But he is Labour. He is from the Labour’s foundations and he has often defended them. More often, against Tony Blair and his cronies. He actually chaired the Stop the War Coalition going openly against Blair’s war on Iraq, creating an internal problem for the Labour Party from the backbenches of the Parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn inherited Blair’s Labour Party, elected chairman after the 2015 defeat and having a group of MPs chosen by Miliband and mainly consisted by Blair’s cronies. So, while Jeremy Corbyn did mistakes through the Brexit/Remain campaign the people who actually accuse him and try to overrun him are guilty for lying and cheating the British people. They are guilty of a crime that has consequence hundreds of thousands deaths.

And here comes the twist. When the parliament was talking about the invasion to Iraq with Tony Blair confidently unveiling all the conspiracies Saddam was behind, a big part of the Labour Party opposed him nearly causing serious problem to the point of cancel any further action. The rebellion was led by the backbencher Jeremy Corbyn. Then Tony Blair turned to the “patriotic” Conservative Party finding allies and supporters in David Cameron and Theresa May. Actually Theresa May was one of the strongest supporters for an invasion to Iraq, often promoting the – now proven false – reasoning Tony Blair had used about weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. Theresa May was Tony Blair’s champion in the Conservative Party.

Oddly and regardless of the fact that Tony Blair and his cronies were leading the Labour Party, the decision for the participation to the invasion to Iraq does not weight on the Labour Party. It is more on Tony Blair and the Tories than it is on the Labour Party and what a twist. The man who rebelled against Blair and the champions of the invasion is today’s leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. It is like an absolution and forgiveness from the guilt. For the Party, not Blair’s cronies; just to be clear about it.

Theresa May, the woman who wants to replace David Cameron and lead Britain to a clean and victorious Brexit even though she was a strong supporter of the Remain. Or at least that’s what she wants everybody to think and see. I’m not sure if I would bet on that.

blair03_400Theresa May thinks that she will be the Margaret Thatcher of the 21st century. The only thing Theresa May shares with Margaret Thatcher is her bad taste in hats. The woman is an opportunist just like Boris Johnson with limited knowledge of the society and plenty of far-right conservativism. Actually she’s closer to George W. Bush than Tony Blair ever was. Plus she’s a fanatic into twisted “Christian” values that often have shown her prejudice and xenophobia in the limits of racism. While Home Secretary she has said some of the most prejudice things. In her last try to take over the Conservative Party, Theresa May said in her final speech: “Immigrants are stealing your job, making you poorer and ruining your country. Never mind the facts, just feel angry at foreigners. And make me Conservative leader.”

Theresa May, the British Donald Trump. This is the woman who’s most likely winning the race in the Conservative Party and in two months time, more or less she will become the next British Prime Minister. She actually makes Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage together, look not so bad.

But she will also have to face her twist. If she will be elected leader of the Conservative party, therefore Prime Minister, she will have two choices. Either stay Prime minister for another three years, activate Brexit and remembered in history as the one who doomed Britain with unpredictable side effects since her ambitions are beyond logic while considering Thatcher her idol, she might even think that a war boosts popularity; or she will call for an immediate general election. Everything depends on two things, her ambitions and her advisors from the conservative establishment which actually does not support a Brexit.

In the case she calls for general elections, with what has happened the last hours with Iraq War inquiry and Tony Blair’s role, I think that a Labour Party might have a chance for a clear and triumphant win. That will also mean that the people found a way to reverse Brexit and it will be up to the Labour Party to act, most likely stand on Remain and block every Brexit.

If May decides to stand as Prime Minister and activate Brexit under her leadership then “God save the Queen” will have to change into “God save Britain.”

Still it is amazing how the timing of publishing the Iraq War inquiry has in a very twisted way, in very twisting times changed everything.


Will the Americans act on this report? Major question!

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