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The F-Word and/or F-Bomb
by Leah Sellers
2016-07-05 10:12:31
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Well, sir, what an interesting Word to have flung at Oneself.
“Give me an F, Give me a U, Give me a C, Give me a K….”
In the past the F-Word’s origins were derived from Folks who Gardened.  Yes, when an Ancient Agrarian Pioneer chose a straight Stick with which to Poke a Hole into the Ground in order to insert his Seed….his Vegetable and/ or Fruit Seeds, in order to, after much nurturing, sustaining and Watering, Feed his Family, Friends and Community.
scr01_400Wonder if He and/or She ever chanted “Give me an F, Give me a U, give me a C, give me a K….” ?  The F-Word Chant does have a rather Rhythmical appeal.
Yes, this chant has a tendency to make the one ejaculating it to sound like a jumping, humping, shaking, quaking Cheerleader, sir.  A Cheerleader at a Gang F-Word.  A Gang R-Word…“Give me a R, Give me an A, Give me a P, Give me an E…” 
It’s very Trumpian, sir.  Because it is Trump who tells all of his Folks (and anyone else who will listen, and not groan and moan) that America is being the R-Word (with an additional application of the “Give me an E, Give me a D” suffix) by the very same Global Free Trade he uses and abuses so boldly to make himself (small hands and all) AgGrandized in his Global Businesses.
Well, sir, you did bring it UP which, in my humble opinion, brought our Conversational Level limp-ing DOWNward.
Anyway, I have always found it ‘interesting’ when a Man gets so upset with a Woman that He loses sight of all courtesy and decorum and begins throwing the F-Word and/or F-Bomb around.  That violently interlaced with impotency-making F-Word.
Yes, that F-Word that tells everyone in the room it’s used within, where the Man in the room would like to Poke his Stick Prick.
Try Standing your Ground when the F-Bullet is being Shot your way or the F-Bomb is exploding in all of its innate Urgency - no matter how Short-lived.
Sir, if you a Veteran, it was not my intent to offend, but rather to Defend our Future’s Children from these continued Must Have War Cyclical Insanities aforementioned in my little story.
In fact, I Honor all Veterans.  It takes Courage and Integrity to do what Soldiers do for One Another and for our Great Nation when they are called upon to do so or Volunteer to do so for a variety of Reasonings.  However, I would prefer a World in which no War Veterans existed, because Humanity had finally Evolved to the point where We no longer gave into our myriad of addictive Profiteering and Greedy Behaviors and Needs for War.
Thank you, for your use of your F-Word Anger, sir.  It is but a UnFortunate Warning Barometer of things to Come for our Great Nation.

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