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The dark side of the Brexit
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-07-03 10:33:33
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Constitutionally, therefor legally, the outcome of a referendum, to every democracy all around the world, is advisory and NOT decisive. Period. It is up to the government of every country and the national parliament to accept or reject the outcome of a referendum and act according to the national interests in order to protect its citizens.

The best example the latest Greek referendum where, despite the overwhelming 62 percent that called the Greek government to reject the troika’s proposals, even if that would lead to a Greek exit from the euro-zone, the Greek prime minister chose to ignore it – though using childish excuses – and do exactly the opposite. He said he acted in the national interest and he had the legal right to do so. He also had the vast support of the parliament which was a big plus.

However, the outcome of the British referendum that led to the Brexit was a bit more complicated and any attempt to ignore it will look like a political or legal coup with unpredictable consequences. That’s what David Cameron, the British Prime Minister realized in the early hours of the 24th of June 2016, and that’s why he recognized the result as final and decisive. All that has absolutely nothing to do with political ethos on his part.

ex03_400Furthermore, the British referendum and its outcome had a long and complicated history that didn’t leave room for rejections and doubts. The actual referendum didn’t appear in 2015 to end in June of 2016, the question was put already in the early 1980s when Margaret Thatcher changed her pro EEC flag-pattern sweater to the euro-sceptical blue suit and now, just over a week after the referendum it is too late to talk about regrets and doubts. Brexit is a reality and the question now is, what’s next. Except if some want to see a referendum escalating into a rebellion.

What happens next is still unknown. Nobody can really say if Britain will surface from the whole deal renewed and glorious. Nobody can say either if Britain is doomed to become …Little Britain. An isolated and bankrupt island. Everything at the moment is lucid, still speculation and absolutely nobody can guarantee one or the other outcome of the Brexit. Plus, despite all hopes from the Brexit side, much doesn’t depend on the Brits. In a global economy with global consequences the truth is that Brits did not take their country back, for the simple reason that their economic future is dependent more from the others that it was in recent past.

Moreover, despite all the doomsday predictions – including the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s often exaggerated predictions – the British pound after a few days’ freefall to the US dollar is back regaining its value. The rating agencies keep devaluing Britain but after the euro-crisis we all know that these agencies are corrupted, serving special and specific interests that often have nothing to do with real economy. A small example is the ridiculous situation where these rate agencies while devaluing the fifth biggest economy in the world and second in Europe, they keep in “triple A” the rambling Finnish economy.

Talking about Finland and Brexit here is another oxymoron caused from the never failing spirit of Finlandization. While the leadership of the EU has forbidden any contact or agreement with the British government before article 50 of the EU Treaty is activated, the Eurosceptic Finnish government, violating any sense of European unity and transparency, has already started secret talks, negotiations and agreements with the British government and tomorrow’s out of EU, Britain. If little Timo Soini’s Finland has started betraying EU, what will stop the more powerful or the ones with less EU spirit like Hungary and the Czech Republic?

ex04_400However, these are things still unveiling in front of all, even while I’m writing these words and there is very little room for definite predictions. Still there is something far more serious this referendum has left behind, something very ugly, very troublesome with unpredictable consequences if nothing happens very soon. The referendum opened Pandora’s Box, letting out the monsters of racism and fascism and even though neither represents Britain they are becoming the face of Britain this minute.

The last few weeks, before the actual day of the referendum but especially after the outcome, the British police and a variety of NGOs all around the UK have reported a series of escalating hate crimes and hate abuses. In simple words, racist attacks. And they are racist attacks. While the first reported attacks have been against Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants from EU, even against German and Swedes, the most serious ones have been reported against …native British.

Against people with Pakistani, Iraqi, Indian or African and Asian roots but born and raised British for two, three and four generations. If you add to that verbal anti-Semitic abuses what you get is a clear racist situation which in the end questions the very essence of the Brexit vote.

ex01_400_01Unfortunately some believe, today, days after the result, that Brexit meant race clearance. Some actually believe that this “Leave” means “leave human race” or a twisted “white supremacism” rules. And while most of them remained in the closet for decades, it was politicians like Nigel Farage that forcefully “legalized” it and made it mainstream. Today, there are unfortunately a lot who feel that Brexit legalized their racism and gives them the right to be even violent.

Nigel Farage was never the populist loud clown. He always was a populist self-centred sponger who has always tried to cheat the British public and the British people know it. That’s why he was never elected in Britain but he was sent to Brussels as a laugh for the “EU bureaucrats”. Days after the referendum in a speech to the EU parliament, Nigel accused his MEP fellows of being a bunch of lazy, uneducated parasites. He was actually describing himself. A man with family money who in his 52 years has really worked only for three years in a scam, an American stock pyramid, and for the rest of his life he has been paid by the European public to scheme against Europe. In other words, a parasite.

Nigel Farage for 27 years has constantly and criminally abused the spirit of freedom of speech in violation of laws and constitutions – including the British constitution - and using legalities has preached and promoted hate, racism and fascism.

Boris Johnson, or as he is lately and more appropriately called, BoJo, never said or agreed with anything Nigel Farage has been promoting for years. Boris is an opportunist who would betray even his own reflection in the mirror if that gave him better chances to get to Downing Street. He was punished exactly the same way, with a betrayal. But it was his silence that was his worst crime regarding the growing hate, racism and fascism Nigel represented. He never supported it but except an occasional “rubbish” he never did anything to acknowledge, differentiate, prevent or oppose the problem. He always kept quiet letting everybody believe that he in fact agrees and supports the whole thing but he has to stay clean, politically correct if he wanted to be the next prime minister. Actually Boris Johnson has done more damage to the British society than anybody else; the man was not just the loud clown everybody knew, he was the man to sit on the Prime Minister’s seat representing the biggest political party in Britain at the moment, the Tories and he betrayed everything. 

ex02_400BoJo and Nigel run a campaign for the Brexit based on lies and misleading, often confusing information motivated from pure opportunism and using xenophobia and fascist racism as their platform. A week after the result, betrayed from a branded political traitor, Michael Gove, BoJo cowardly and perhaps understanding the magnitude of his actions, retired from the race to the Downing Street leaving another fanatic, xenophobe, racist and fascist in the closet, Theresa May to “save” Brexit.

Now, that’s trouble; and not the fall of the British pound or the devaluation of the British economy. And while the pound will find a way to resurface and the British economy will become competitive and profitable soon, there is no guarantee that if nothing radical happens soon, Britain will heal from the traumas Nigel Farage and Boris Jonson left behind them and Theresa May might try to explore more.


The situation in the Labour Party is confusing. Even though the Labour Party stood with Remain, most Labours felt uncomfortable with the situation – including its leader Jeremy Corbyn - and the only thing that actually held a lot of them from openly supporting Brexit was its association with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. This is why the majority’s support to “Remain” was – mildly put – weak.

Jeremy Corbyn has lost the support of his MPs but he still has strong influence among the actual party members and especially in the unions. This could be good under certain circumstances – it helps unity in the base of the party – but it is catastrophic in the case of general elections. It is not the party members who win elections but the undecided. The voters who always balanced between parties trying to guess the winner. And in this case Jeremy Corbyn does not inspire.

Therefore the critical question for the Labour Party – and probably the one that will identify them the years to come – is if they want Jeremy Corbyn and his aim to return the Labour Party to its fundamentals to lead them, or if they want Downing Street.

It is a difficult and confusing situation since it rises another question. Say that a general election follows, will a Labour government support and act on Brexit or will they make use of their renewed legal power to reject it at all?

The same time the Labour Party carries its own responsibilities for the social outcome of the referendum. The Labour Party has always and fundamentally been the champion of antiracism and antifascism in Britain. But the internal confusion with the Brexit has also kept them silent on the rising racism and fascism. Labour has to wake up and retake its role as the champion of the people despite class, education, colour, sexuality, religion. And this has to happen now with or without Jeremy Corbyn. When they do that they can actually start talking about Downing Street.


Last and definitely not least is the Scottish issue. The Scottish independence after the Brexit has become relevant and what actually makes it relevant is exactly the same reasons that made it irrelevant two years ago. What made it irrelevant two years ago was the combination of timing, people (to name one, Alex Salmond) and finally EU. Now all three have change.

But due to its importance and seriousness – not only for the Scottish people – the Scottish independence deserves more than a few sentences in the end of an article about Brexit.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-07-03 19:42:47
Indeed Thanos, what seems to be delineating itself and becoming more and more visible, at least so it seems to me, is a Janus-face EU: one looking at its future but rooted in democratic and Christian ideals of the past, often ignored, the other nostalgic for a past rooted in imperialism, colonialism, fascism, racism and devoid of traditional religious transcendental values, to be relegated to the sphere of the private or obliterated altogether; to wit the proliferation of right-wing subversive parties (Trojan horsed in the EU Parliament) all over the EU, especially its Western part which has enjoyed democracy for seventy plus years now. That is to say, a schizophrenic EU at war with itself seeking its identity in idols such as money, power, soccer games and distractions galore and closing its borders to the underprivileged and the down-and-out; projecting its very fault upon the "other" found undesirable to the "enlightenment" mind-set...; a phenomenon this hardly ever well analyzes and debated buttressed by unexamined assumptions. Let’s sincerely hope it gets honestly debated in Ovi magazine, for time is fast running out!

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