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A Need & One Direction for Shamanic Healing
by David Sparenberg
2016-07-02 10:19:43
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A Need & One Direction for Shamanic Healing

Evil wizard was an eater of human beings.  Peacemaker came and combed snakes from wizard’s hair.  Peacemaker came and removed seven twists of evil from the wizard’s body.
                                                       from a traditional tale of the Iroquois

shaman01_400One who kills others already has death inside of them.  If death was not familiar how could murder be possible?  Who has planted a dead child in this killer’s chest?  Who has planted dead love in this hemorrhaging soul?

We let killing happen. Why?  Isn’t it because of our collectively hidden wounds, our suppression of empathy and our lack of healing; the recurring passage of death’s reflection through individual, as well as public, minds and hearts?  Death that is shaped and contorted and grows into a language of conspiracy through fear and hatred; through bad dreams and the politics, the violence nurturing politics, of denial.

We say there is no crime until a crime is committed.  That is a lie.  That lie is a betrayal of life.  The lack of love where love is needed sets violence loose.  The silence, before what needs to be engaged, stifles the instinct, the impulse and the gesture, and erodes justice and compassion.

If we are honest about what we are, how easily fallen, and how far yet to sojourn in the immense journey of evolution, we can see the danger, we can know from ourselves what we need to do in the way of caring intervention, to touch other lives, other needs, secrets, before it becomes too late and the expected excuses and expected accusations and cover ups swarm publically like flies, and are politically correct, ineffectual.

Are we really so short of exorcists, troubadours and shamans that we cannot prevent mass murder?  That we cannot rise above the common conspiracy that condemns us to repetition?  That we cannot path-find the way, through outreach and healing, to life-affirming, diversity embracing, alternatives?
Search inside as you ponder this and measure your shadow and that of the stranger, the person among us who, when looked at with shamanic perception, can be seen out of place, twisted and writhing in confusion, isolation and agony.

The purpose of the medicine sand painting of the Dine (Navajo) people of the American southwest is to restore an individual in health to a health restored community, with both together woven ritually back into the dynamic balance of the sacred cosmos.

To our loss, we are far removed from this approach and too much of non-traditional shamanism is exclusively self-interested (self without the radical—deep rooting— authentication of self’s ecosophic context) and one dimensional.

David Sparenberg
24 June 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-07-02 11:33:58
Indeed, today we are more familiar with the language of the stock market than the language of healing and the sacred. And it shows.

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