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Human Rights
by David Sparenberg
2016-06-04 10:10:57
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Nobody has the right to take me out and shoot me.  To put bullets in my head and body, there against the already bloody wall.  To end me here because my opinions differ.

rights01_400Nobody has the right to snatch me up in the night, drag me off, interrogate and torture, and leave my battered body to rot in cold fear and darkness.  Or toss my scarcely breathing remains out in a sack, along some grim, black road.  To do this and more because I open my mouth; because I dare to denounce the criminality of silence.

Ah… Nobody…

Nobody has the right to feed on my flesh, to savage my heart, to rip out and devour and suck dry my soul.  Or to feast on my family, my children.  To preach and to practice hatred against those whose speech is unfamiliar, and who look and pray, eat and dress differently.

Nobody has the right to do any of this.  To commit these crimes against my humanity, or against you.

Since the behaviors of anti-man are without rights, they are not right, the doing to others must be wrong.  Yet such wrong is done.  It is political.  If we look with open eyes, we find cruelty, brutality politicized, everywhere.  Violations, everywhere.

When then do good people stand up together?  When does resistance become solidarity?  What of justice.  What of decency?  How and when does the nightmare fade and the dream awaken?  How and when will history end and democracy, not the sham and illusion, but the true power of democracy, of self-governing peoples, prevail?

Remember what used to be said: “Send not to know for whom the bell tolls.”  And, “If not now, when?  If not here, where?”

But look.  For God’s sake, do not slump and shrug.  Do not cast your eyes to the ground.  Do not choke your breath and whisper.  There is force more deeply human in the welter of pain and suffering.  That is what longs to sing.  This is what is right.

David Sparenberg
28 May 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-06-04 11:29:27
Inspiring echos of the Song of Songs...

Allen Morgan2016-06-11 01:04:35
Thank you David for your heart lifting inspiration on the issues too easily avoided

Allen Morgan2016-06-12 23:37:33
Thank you David for your heart lifting inspiration on the issues too easily avoided

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