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Obscured minds
by Gordana Mudri
2016-05-31 11:12:55
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Where does any society go when the ruling conservatives stop the most important reform – the reform of the education system. Do we want a modern state of knowledge and progress with independent, self-thinking and self-conscious young people, or we want a country with dogmas, outdated notions and a youth blindly obedient servants, educated in the spirit of a quasi-Catholic nationalist ideology? A situation that will only give birth to nationalistic clones.

The most important reform that has been ever launched in Croatia; which was supposed to replace the repressive and unambitious system that has not changed for decades, with a system that will train children with the knowledge and the skills appropriate for the 21st century; is stopped.

A group of the best experts, who for a year and a half planned a new, modern education model for Croatia, centred to the children and their needs, resigned under political and ideological pressures of the most extreme marginal groups, who apparently declared that the reform are anti-Catholic and anti-Croatian.

croa01_400With the government, which is the most harmful since the independent Croatia was established, and which is heavily influenced by bishops, quasi- Catholics and radical nationalists, the consequences of the demolition of the curriculum reform are immeasurable. This government committed perhaps the worst social crime. Or - as one of the outraged commentators said - Croatia just aborted her future.

We are talking about the future of our children. For this government, every educated person is the enemy. Every self-thinking person is a threat for their Dark-Ages minds.

Let's face it, Croatia is deeply socially and economically divided country. For the last 25 years, no government has moved away from labelling opponents with markers from WWII. All the visions for a better future wearing the robe of the past. Daily political events act as the Game of Thrones. Pre-election promises come to nothing in a regular pattern every four years. There is no economic progress, unemployment and poverty are growing, depression and apathy affecting an increasing number of residents. In such situation, without common interests from all participants, the ultimate extremism enters everywhere without any help.

Rights established for decades, women’s’ rights, workers and minorities rights, they are endangered under the pressure from far-right extremists and the representatives of the church. Under the pretext of preserving national identity and moral values, false democracy leads to a far-right totalitarianism.

Every move in recent months, has slowly showed the true face of Croatia’s rulers. Instead of reforms - we got a new load to the people, renewed prices, new prohibitions, new returns to the past. But this last move - it was like a drop of water in hot oil.

The civilised Croatia is horrified. Yes, it still exists; suppressed under harsh conditions. Croatia, which suffers, waits and hopes. Croatia, which wants to get out of a nightmare full of true and false Croats. Croatia, whose children leave homeland not because of the difficult economic situation but because of the demons of the past dancing over their heads for decades. Croatia, which wants a future with knowledge, openness and mainly without prejudice. Quiet and non-violent, sleeping and patient Croatia. 

There is no event that recently rocked social networks, the media and various social groups, ordinary citizens, parents, teachers, unions, activists and cultural workers in this way. All levels of society, regardless of social status, are united in discontent and rage.

Protests are organised and announced in all major cities, social networks are boiling. Some kind of elation. Wake-up time.

But is the water hot enough to force the frogs to jump out of the pot, before being boiled? Will common sense override these obscured minds, we believed that they belong to past times?

The wheel of history brought them back. Are we strong enough; responsible enough to defend the future?

If wise people only speak, and fools decide - then it is time to speak in different words. In other words - "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty."

Or we will disappear in the dark.

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