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More than a one-night stand
by FREE! Magazine
2007-02-16 09:56:54
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That’s right! Issue #2 is out. We're still recovering from the excitement of launching the magazine and we worked hard to show a little bit more of Finnish culture. In the new issue you will find some well known names, such as Apulanta and Aku Louhimies.

free magazine issue2 - ovi magazineApulanta is probably the most popular indie rock with Finnish lyrics. The band has been playing kick as punk rock for more than 10 years although their members are barely 30. Apulanta just released a new album, so it was a good opportunity to have a conversation with them. We had a pleasant chat with Toni (guitar) and Sipe (drums) and they told us entertaining stories about their beginnings and their lives as rock stars.

Filmmaker Aku Louhimies is another important name to follow. Movie after movie he is quickly becoming the most important film director in Finland and also the most international. Recently he has been in the news because the Helsinki Court of Appeal decided to forbid the exhibition his latest film Riisuttu Mies (Man Exposed) due to a demand imposed by the screenwriter. Louhimies explained his position in the problem and also told us about the secrets of his movies.

There are many other surprises this month, like the heavy metal phone call with Judas Priest and the space odyssey of Star Wreck. However, we will not unveil more at the moment. Pass by one of our distribution points and discover FREE! It’s easy.

This month FREE! Magazine will be present at two important events. First, in Helsinki, you will find FREE! at the Finnish Metal Expo and later on in March at the Tampere Film Festival (7.3 to 11.3).

Don’t miss FREE! You know what to do…

Take me! I’m FREE!

The FREE! Magazine Team

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Alan2007-02-17 22:11:38

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