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Revolution Now!
by Nikos Laios
2016-05-21 10:05:27
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Greece, my nation is being slowly strangled, it is being asphyxiated into a slow death by wave-after-wave of tax increases and pension cuts that have been instituted under duress by its creditors. The dreamed of prosperity that the European Union had offered in the 90's is gone; we have Eastern European nations with fascist tendencies, the whole southern rim of Europe in a chronic economic depression, Great Britain on the cusp of voting to leave the union, the whole of middle Europe sinking under chronic deflation, waves of immigrants trying to reach Europe, and where only a handful of Northern European nations are benefitting like vultures and where fiscal policy is being dictated to from the top down like a dictatorship regardless of the democratic voice of each nation.

What started off as a glorified EU trading club has spun out of control and where the 'dictators' at Brussels headquarters now harbour visions of grandeur via aspiring to create a political EU superstate. The plan for the EU was a plan originally hatched by the Americans post World War Two as a bulwark against communism and actualised by the French and Germans to protect their own vested interests and in the process attempt to resurrect a warped version of the Holy Roman Empire. Where groups of nations have surrendered their economic sovereignty and tied their fates to one currency, thereby losing the economic levers of control that would have enabled them to tailor and manage the demand and supply of their own economies.

gr01_400_05I read the latest news from Europe from the comfort of my own lounge chair here in Sydney, and my heart breaks at what my fatherland if being subjected to. Working men and women who have worked hard all their lives having their pensions stripped to a mere two or three hundred Euros a month; successive waves of austerity measures and tax rises that have killed off the green shoots of any economic growth and recovery which have caused more shopfronts to close, and much needed consumption to evaporate; a quarter of the population unemployed and fifty per cent of youth; soup kitchens on the rise and the ghost of hunger that Greeks have not experienced since the Second World War reappearing where now families are unable to feed their children at school; and formerly middle class Greeks now living on the streets in poverty on pieces of cardboard in shopfront doorways and alleyways. Where whilst all this is happening, waves of war-ravaged Syrian immigrants have washed over Greece and while Europe has closed its heart and its borders, these poor Greeks have opened their hearts and their homes offering what little hospitality they can, and in the process thereby showing what true humanity is to the rest of their fellow Europeans and to the rest of the world.

Where in the shadow of all this, my fellow Greeks are living as stoically as they can; going about their daily lives as best they can, attending their annual traditional festivals as best as they can, but the pressure is building. I talk to my relatives in Greece and they tell me that as brave as they are trying to be, the unity of society is starting to fray, these successive waves of austerity measures that the cruel Germans and their hirelings have insisted upon is causing a build-up of pressure, and soon it will explode. Now one has to understand here that the Greek people as a nation are some of the toughest and durable people in the world, having gone through dramatic episodes in their Millennia rich history and in recent time’s wars, revolutions, occupations and famines and then this current state of affairs. Most of my relatives and friends who were formerly rabid supporters of the EU dream and the Euro are now vehemently opposed to both the EU and the Euro; they all state with one voice that if this is what the Euro and the union has brought Greece, then they can keep it and all yearn fondly of the pre-Euro era and Drachma days as imperfect as they were. Where they also feel greatly betrayed by both NATO and the US vis-a-vis Turkish sabre-rattling in the Aegean and policies towards FYROM and this combined sense of betrayal is building up some dangerous anarchic pressures in Greek society. When I asked my uncles their views on the current state in Greece, virtually with a common voice they answered, 'Fuck the EU! Fuck the Euro! Fuck Germany and the bankers!' And here I have to agree with them wholeheartedly.

Yet what can I practically do as an individual to help? What can I do as a Greek living in the diaspora? I have decided to put my money where-my-mouth is and have taken nearly eight weeks holiday leave and will be spending it all in Greece from later July till September and will be also spending one year's saved salary in Greece to do my bit; so my question to you is, what are you going to do help support your fellow Europeans in dire need?

The European Union has been the biggest tragic mistake in the history of Europe, an institution made by its ruling elite for the ruling elite and bankers to enable them keep their aristocratic places at the top of European society over the common person and to look after their own vested interests, and where in effect indirectly through economic might, Europe also is under occupation by Germany again and its anti-Keynesian forces. My uncles could not have stated it more succinctly; Fuck the EU! Fuck the Euro! Fuck Germany! Fuck the bankers! Revolution now!!



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