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So lonely
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-02-16 09:57:21
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“I’m so lonely!” sings the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s character in the film Team America. However, today they will sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ and the surprise will be that, other than the usual crowd, there will be Japanese and American voices in the chorus!

North Korea has done the unbelievable, the country that was part of the ‘axis of evil’ has become a respectful country that can talk like an equal with the US and even President George W. Bush has ordered investigations into starting diplomatic relations. What changed the situation? It was Pyongyang’s decision to stop any activity with nuclear power and in exchange to take help for their energy problem from Japan.

The birthday presents don’t stop there, since it is like birthday and Christmas together for Kim Jong-il; the US government promised to find a solution for the economic embargo on North Korea’s bank accounts internationally, which is something that caused many problems between them. In the end, we are going to see Kim Jong-il and George barbequing at his Texan ranch each wearing a cowboy hat!

The truth is that George W. Bush needed a diplomatic success. Iraq has overwhelmed everything he has done over the last three years and now with the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives things are definitely getting tough for the administration - the last thing George W. Bush needed was another conflict, another hostile front. Despite the interest we show in Europe, the North Korea issue is major for Japan and China on the other side of the globe.

North Korea and her dictator had to deal with another cold winter and the help from the UN is an urgent necessity, so he had to show some face and this diplomatic agreement shows that he can negotiate. Of course, nothing stopped and the plan will continue in more secrecy, which is something North Korea and the regime know well but at least for the moment there is no second front for both sides.

Just like other dictators in the past, there is no guarantee that he will keep his word and he is not going to hand over the knowledge that he risked so much to earn so easily, but, as I said, he will keep quiet for a while and you never know he might return to his prior dreams to become the Steven Spielberg of the east world.

It is just funny to imagine Kim Jong-il singing ‘I’m so lonely!’ with George W. Bush, although they both have good reasons to sing that!

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