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Trumpism, the US identity crisis
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-04-12 10:21:49
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Reading headlines from the major US online media from this side of the Atlantic, you get the impression that US November’s presidential elections are more or less another reality show just like the Kardashians with one only exception, in this show there are also some clever people. For the rest, there are doubts who is the most idiot or the most dangerous.

trumpism01A racist, prejudice, sexist con-artist and a racist, prejudice, sexist bigot; both major idiots. That’s one side. The other side, Hillary – no other description necessary – and an intellectual socialist dreamer, Bernie Sanders. Both trying to do two things at once, promote their agenda and the same time do damage control to all the destruction the two idiots constantly bring. Of course there are a few others, mainly running around the Republican idiots but when you lost from two idiots – doesn’t matter what short of Bush you are – it says something about you. But this is not the entire truth, is it?

Actually you can sense it with the general reaction of the European media. They just report. They do report everything, even when somebody ridiculous Trump or Hillary, but they just …report. They don’t analyse, they don’t offer opinion and you will not see anyone showing any kind of support to anyone. Suddenly from this side of the ocean looks like Trumpism has infiltrate US politics and nobody wants to touch it in case they get poisoned.

And this is going much deeper, there is a strong sense that Trump, Cruz, Rubio or Hillary with Sanders are just the peak of an iceberg with much more going on under. An iceberg that represents a deeply divided nation in an even deeper identity crisis. To blame for that Barack Obama because it came in the surface during his presidency it will be at least naïve but it is there stronger than ever.

This division and lost identity that has been building probably for decades – a personal opinion is that its roots are in the end of the cold war – is probably the reason Trumpism has surfaced in the US society in all sides. Without even suggesting that Trumps supporters are the same with Sanders supporters, left and liberal groups have taken sometimes extreme or better provocative positions the last few years. And oddly this division has taken a geographical form but I suppose this is due to the loss of identity and looking for some kind of belonging in older divides. The fact that arguments, acts and slogan from a civil war that happened over hundred and fifty years ago with all matters settled after, is a strong sign that something is seriously wrong.

I’m not sure if it will make sense, but my feeling is that Americans have been watching too much “friends”, MTV and the “Kardashians” for years, they think that this is real life and when they don’t get it they try like drug addicts to recreate the feeling, doesn’t matter what they sacrifice on the way to do so.

trumpism02_400Donald Trump most likely doesn’t have much chance to lead the Republican Party in the coming presidential elections, the dinosaurs of the Republican Party will find a way to stop him; but who will? And what will happen after he ends his schizophrenic campaign? And this has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump per se but with what the Republican Party, what represents the Republican Party and in general, the conservative America. Is conservative America racist, prejudice and sexist? Remember, this is Abraham Lincoln’s party.

The same time, is America the land where somebody might get murdered from the police just because his skin colour makes him look suspicious? But this did not happened because of Trump and his definitely discriminative speech, it was there before and before Obama. The only thing Trump did was to bring it in the house. To give it a sense of twisted legitimacy calling it position and political stand. Sexism is now new to USA and discrimination in public places is nothing that happens only in South Carolina nowadays. Is just that extreme behaviour from republican governors and their followers brought it in the houses, in the public offices, in the state buildings.

And don’t let me start with this latest obsession with guns. Americans looking their identity in a myth that never existed. Wild West existed only in Hollywood films and every single historian can verify that. People didn’t go around carrying Smith & Wessons in the 17th or the 18th century. They definitely didn’t do so in the 19th century. All these legends about gun heroes and cowboys are myths and sadly the majority of them are about murderers, rapists, robbers, parasites of a society nobody was to mimic. Except contemporary Americans.

There is a lot to come till November’s elections but it is urgent for the Americans to find the real reasons behind their crisis – which is not how idiotic Donald Trump is – and act on it, otherwise this identity crisis can deepen even more the division and divisions always lead to even worst crisis and it will be a disaster to see two Americas rising from the rubbles Trumpism will leave behind.

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