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Ovi Bad Boys Podcast #140
by The Ovi Team
2008-11-09 07:50:28
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Download of the Ovi Bad Boys Podcast is totally free of charge. On the podcast page you will find all of their archived shows, which is a recording of their weekly live show broadcast across the Helsinki region on Lähiradio 100.3 MHz, with the licensed music edited out. Occasionally they play demos sent in and these can remain online for your enjoyment or criticism.

The online shows run between 30 and 45-minutes depending upon the quantity of music, chat and interview. Conversation usually revolves around current events, musical tastes, sport, their personal lives and anything else that captures their attention. In addition, even the presenter combination varies, with Asa and Thanos occasionally presenting alone.

They also have guests appear on the show from time to time, who are rigorously questioned and subjected to the presenters’ brand of humour. Unfortunately, the guests also have to helplessly listen to Asa and Thanos have countless on-air arguments – they often sound like an old married couple.

You are welcome to email about the show, plus you are free to send comments, requests and even your own music if you are interested in giving your band some extra exposure. If you think you would make a good interview subject, then also use the following mail: badboys@ovimagazine.com

The online shows can be enjoyed in two easy ways.

The first is to listen online in the browser window: CLICK HERE

The second is to use Apple iTunes, which can be set-up to automatically download each new show:

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Eva2007-02-13 21:57:58
I just listened to your podcast for the first time - and I was smiling to myself: I now understand the old-married-couple comment hehe. Very entertaining stuff :-)
I will listen again. By the way you sound exactly like I expected you to sound!

Simon2007-06-30 12:23:28
Change of time duly noted... although I don't actually listen live!

It comes straight to my iTunes thanks to your feed.

Good shows, by the way!!!

Paparella2007-06-30 15:57:15
Greeting Asa and Thanos. I listened to show 69. A face and a voice always humanizes a mere name. I removes the suspicion that one may be dealing with a "humbot". Now I know you are humans. Congratulations on keeping the magazine vibrant with humor and diversity.

Asa2007-06-30 18:45:29
Well, I am a human... not sure about Thanos yet!

merkil2008-12-28 16:40:04

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Bad-boy2009-10-17 01:42:43

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