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Losers, Get Out-a' Here!
by Leah Sellers
2016-03-23 12:18:54
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“I’m an Exploiter, Teddy.  And guess what Exploiters do ?  They Exploit  situations and people.  I’m into Exploitation, Teddy !  Exploitation without hesitation in every situation !  I’m an Elitist C.E.O. Autocrat that some folks call a Bully-Boy Brat !”
“And what do you consider Johnny K. to be, Donny ?”
“Oh, he’s the boring Salt-of-the-Earth, Do-Gooder, Guy Next Door, who wants to Balance the Nation’s Budget again,  like he and a bunch of other fella’s did when he was a Congressman in the past.  But that’s the past, and he’s the past.  I’m the entertaining Future or the splintering, bitter end for the Republican Party and America.  I’m the hot Celebrity Winner who’s about to take down and take out all of the rest of you Losers, Teddy.”
“And Teddy-in-the-Hat you can take that to the Bank, while your munchin’ down on your green malarkey and ham !  You’re the Republican Party’s Theocratic Autocrat-in-a-Hat !”
“That’s right, Donny, I’m a proud Theocratic Autocrat.  I’m into jihadi - Holy War !  I’m the Theocratic Autocratic Christian who is going to follow Netanyahu into Armageddon against the infidel Muslims.  I am the Chosen One.”
“The Scaredy Cat and Riled-up Muslims are creating a dark jihadi Caliphate, and I, Teddy-in-the-Hat, will lead the Scaredy Cat and Riled-up Christians in creating a Christian Judasphate !”
expl01_400“We will raise our Christian banners high and let the lead and the bombs fly !  And whoever and whatever is left Standing Their Ground or pile of rubble is the Winner, Donny !”
“You get that, Donny ?  That’s how you win in today’s Armageddon Land !  So, roll that up into your over stuffed, thrice- married pipe, and exploit that if you can !”
“Oh just hang onto your Theocratic Autocrat Hat, Teddy, because you’re in for one heck of a ride.  Do you think that me and my cohorts and cronies didn’t see this coming ?  Ha !  These Western Fools, of which I am one, but a Winning One - not a Loser One - are the ones who have been planning and building toward taking full exploitative advantage of this present day Fire Ball.  This Fire Ball of Anger and Fear running amuck through the undercurrents of America and the rest of the World.”
“And for your information, I’m not really leading this Fire Ball.  I’ve been drafting off of it, because it already existed.  I just recognized that it existed and could be Exploited to My advantage, Teddy.”
“Yeah, I’m just drafting off of the Fire Ball and re-directing it’s red hot energies into My Will Be Done and not Their Way Be Done.  The Con is that while they think that their Will is Being Done, that it is actually My Will that will Being Done, and they‘ll be along for the ride.  They‘ll be drafting off of my over-drafts and back-drafts, Teddy, and paying the tab - ha ! ha !”
“I’m gonna’ take this West/East Fire Ball and turn it into a Winning Comet that will take me to the Sun, Teddy !  Now, that’s a real Fire Ball !  Just you wait and see, Teddy !  Just you wait and see !
“I, Donny the Great, who have been following the Anger - the Fury - the Fears of all of these Bozos and Losers, and biding my time have turned the Fire Ball Tide my Way !”  “
“And now, the Angry Mobs, that I have been and Seducing and Inciting and Exploiting - you know - the Evangelicals, that were supposed to be Cruzin’ with you, Teddy, the Immigrants used to Strong Man Autocratic rule that they left behind, and not this mealy-mouthed, Equality and Fairness malarkey some call democracy, and the Blue-Collar dolts that me and my Elitist Buddies have been taking jobs away from in order to give them to foreigners who will accept our Slave Wages, because they are much poorer than many so-called Poor Americans - you know, Teddy, all of those Angry, Frustrated, Scaredy Cat Losers.”
“Now, they think that they are following me - ha ! ha !  You and I both know that they made Me possible - ha ! ha !”
“Before The Donny is through, you’ll be towing the line right behind me with all of the rest of ‘em, Teddy Boy.  Mark my words.  You’re fired !  You and Johnny K. are Out-a’ Here !”
“Excuse me, Donald, but did you say something to this Teddy-Crat ?  I’ve got my fingers in my ears, I fear, and have retreated to my Hat to have a Chat with the Man Upstairs.  Come join me, if you dare.”
“Ha, when all is said and done, I’ll own, and exploit you right out of that Hat you’re so fond of, Teddy !  And how can you hear the Man Upstairs with your fingers in your ears, Loser ?!  Get Out-a’ Here !”

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