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Jane of Thought: Good luck with the 21st century
by Jane Eagle
2007-02-14 08:42:58
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Ok here’s the deal:

The 21st Century really concerns me. I do try my best to raise him properly (oh he’s a boy, yeah – a little gayish, yet a boy). I am sure I’m a good provider (and cuddler may I add). I take him to the best schools ever, where they teach him about the classic era of Socrates and Plato, about the Enlightenment, about the World Wars - you know, learn from his ancestors’ mistakes- I read Dostoyevsky to him before he goes to bed, I let him have sex from the age of 16 and his room is so cool, full of comfort and technology.

Linda Lane  www.wonderlane.comNow why the hell is he such a mediocrity, almost below mediocrity? My friend Maugham tells me that, “It is cruel to discover one's mediocrity only when it is too late.” Am I too late? Oh Gosh! The biggest surprise came this morning when he said to me, “Wish me luck for the geography test!” What the… We studied together the day before - I had the maps, the books, I passed to his smarts all of that necessary knowledge for an A grade.

I wonder… what do you need to be lucky for?

It is regarded as a given that the planned in advance future in our mind can be transformed into a completely different reality. Some…many times we don’t even consent to absorb this unexpected nonce. Depression overwhelms us, crying, anger, “Man! Everything was so well planned! What messed things up?” Another case of bad luck… huh?

Hmmm, no! It is not a case of luck. The human nature, our brain is to be blamed for simply not assembling each parameter that potentially determines the future happenings. We can characterize the way our brains operate semi-finished and erroneous (generally speaking – don’t get offended). A few times though, a person accomplishes to forecast the days to come and acts as the case may be. So let’s see here the factor of luck coming in his luxury limo. Any important human weakness needs to be covered, so “luck” fills in our failing effort shoes, cleaning this way our conscious.

In fact, it’s funny. Come to think what has been devised towards perfecting our each imperfection. How much thought, lies, scientific researches, such as so many men deceiving their girl because they declared at some time they were polygamous. Yet the devotion in your relationship is clearly a subject of love. If you are in love you feel completion next to your woman. Right? I mean, I had in mind that we are not discussing the sexual preferences of animals. Where does the correlation lie? Perhaps it’s more decent for the cheater to declare to be an animal, not a polygamous.

Bad behavior has been legalized, which decreased considerably the number of the memes that improves the combinations of genes - “It’s not his fault that he gets easily upset, that’s how his character is!" - Eh! If your head aches, you cut it off! His character, my eye (and I say that like Groucho Marx would!... That is with a cigar in my mouth).

We follow scientific predications, statistics, Korans, credos, only to make our life easier, in better translation we make more errors substantially, which look right ostensibly. And what is important in the end is what it seems to be and not what really is. That is because obviously no one can conceive the truth anymore. No one tries. We never mind like net personas do.

The 21st century is fixed by the permanent rejection of each effort, difficulty, obstacle, labor – whatever it takes to sing Armstrong’s, not the astronaut, song “What a wonderful world” and mean it. Sure man: it is easier to lie than to love, to desert your colors than to gain a medal (consider this as a metaphor of course), to cheat than to study. But in the end you will remain an empty shirt. Cuz what the -ding dong- is an individual without love, knowledge and honor?


Photo by: Linda Lane www.wonderlane.com

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adler2007-03-22 22:36:20
21st century is the century of the equal opportunities, at least in the western world.
wise article

teo2007-04-11 18:46:17
i like your articles. why have you disappeared?

teo2007-04-19 08:25:48
any new article Jane?

maria2007-04-20 13:09:02
I think we are having a Medieval period. After that,
Rennaissance will come.

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