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The Chapel - Part 17
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-02-23 12:58:31
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The man was out of control. One finger pointing at Sir John and a body shaking, eyes fire red he was screaming, “you! You, you, you!” The rest of us just stood there looking at him.

Sir John was the first to move and slowly he reached the man, took his hand into his and said calmly, “shall we sit down Mr Okoye and talk?” And then even more softly he added, “Please.”

The man stopped saying, “you, you, you” and like all life suddenly left his body he sat in the chair behind him. Bennett and I moved into the room. The air was thick from heavy smoking but for the rest it looked clean and well cared. Obviously this was not a backstreet hotel and Mr Okoye was not a disorderly individual. On the contrary everything looked well-kept and carefully set, including a pack of papers on top of the small desk.

ir01_400There was absolutely nothing intentional to my move but accidently I found myself siting in the chair next to the desk with full view of those papers and even though reading somebody else’s writing is not in my character I was amazed to see my name on the top paper followed with a brief description of my studies and my interests. I think I was so shocked that I didn’t hear the beginning of the conversation and when I turned my head to their direction the only thing I could do was ask loudly, “why the bloody hell, why?”

“Be quiet lad,” Sir John said, but quiet was the only thing I couldn’t do that moment. I pulled the paper from the desk and shaking in the air I stood up and moved towards the man who was sitting next to the window. “Why there is a paper here with my personal information?”

The man looked at them floor and then he said calmly, “Because to start with, we were thinking to reach for you. That’s why.”

“You do understand that you don’t make much sense, don’t you?” Said Chief Inspector Bennett in his most authoritarian voice. The man didn’t say anything.

“Shall we start from the beginning?” said Sir John.

“First we thought to reach for you, but he said that you are a difficult man to reach. A man of the aristocracy, a man who hates us men of colour.”

“Who said that?”

“Frank said that,” he took a deep breathe. “But he also said that he has a way with you, that you are his friend, his closest friend.”

“Frank said all that?”

ir02_400“Yes. He also said that you have the artefact. He actually said that it was you who had stolen it, that he saw you but he couldn’t say anything.”

“What artefact?” I tried to be innocent just to make him admit it.

“The cylinder of course!” the man looked at us not understanding the question.

“The old curse you mean?” Bennett could not hold himself and to our surprise Mr Okoye smiled.

“The old curse indeed.”

I don’t know who was more shocked of us with the casual way Mr Okoye said it. It was probably me, it always me. “But…” I managed to say.

“But, gentlemen, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore, don’t we? And I’m a scientist.” That was too much for me. I swallowed hard and returned to my seat.

“If you just let me explain, you just never know, we might in the end find a solution in all this mess.” Mr Okoye said.

His story was actually very simple. His government had decided to build a museum and honour their history. Mr Okoye was the main curator and he started a hunt all around the world looking for artefacts lost during the first colonial years and the slavery. And of course the cylinders were topping the list. Finding the first two proved to be an easy task for Mr Okoye but the third always remained a mystery. Then Frank appeared out of the blue reinsuring everybody that with the right amount of money he could lead them to the third cylinder. And this is where their adventure, and especially Mr Okoye’s adventures started.

Frank had told them that he knew who had stolen the cylinder from the cave it was kept, that he knew the man but that he was an evil character, difficult to reach and with no understanding in anything further his personal interests. At that point Sir John move a bit and swallowed hard. Frank returned home but time was moving, no artefact was coming back and more and more money were send to him. In the end the minister and the director of the museum got tired and send Mr Okoye to observe personally what was going on and why all the delays.

This was the part where I suddenly entered the play. Frank told Mr Okoye that it was I who had all the influence to Sir John and if they wanted to get it back they had to reach to me and for that they needed another conspirator, a neighbour of mine who supposedly knew me too well.

“The pastor,” we said all three of us the same time! The pastor!


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