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Iran as the wolf
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-02-10 10:09:13
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While reading the latest warning from the Iranian leadership to the U.S. administration I could not avoid thinking how many mistakes George W. Bush’s government has done and how long it will take until somebody corrects them. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has warned the USA not to attack his country because the answer will be striking American interests internationally.

Making it simple, the religious dictator of a country with natural resources and definitely a good number of fanatics, has warned of a world war because what else can you make out of this statement? How can you define U.S. interests? Nearly every country around the world has some kind of an American installment - it doesn’t matter if it’s called McDonald’s or Wal-Mart. The warning is loud and clear, hit us and then we hit the local McDonald’s in the city of Liechtenstein!

The choice of the place is totally random and I’m sure that Liechtenstein has nothing to do with Iran, still there are American bank interests in the country and I’m sure a few companies have their headquarters there for financial reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some tens of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut takeaway restaurants also, so the question is, if with this warning, whether the Iranian regime is talking about staring the next world war.

The next question is how seriously should we take this warning? The puppet president of the dictators doesn’t really leave much space with his regular warnings of demolishing Israel and wiping it off the map. Despite all the calls for a peaceful use of the nuclear plants, it is obvious that Iran’s target is to have one or two nuclear bombs and they are not far from that day.

Iran is not the only country that moved from a peaceful energy nuclear plan to building nuclear bombs, so nothing can guarantee that they will not. Furthermore, a country controlled by a dictator’s regime with ambitions to prove it is a local superpower in an era that is constantly in flames for the last hundred years is not exactly an ideal situation.

What is left? The big player called the US administration, who has been trying to solve the problem for years have now become the problem. For a period after the events of 9/11, the American administration managed the unbelievable: they not only united the American parties, but also united the whole world. Suddenly even the most Left European parties had to agree to attack Afghanistan and hunt for Bin Laden. One thing was sure that after all these years they would have to come up with some kind of solution that would decrease the threat. All George W. Bush managed to do was to increase the threats and make things in the Middle East far more complicated; mostly, he just managed to force us miss the target.

All the lies that led to the invasion, occupation and lately the civil war in Iraq were proved to be nothing more than a personal issue or for personal interest, since we must never forget that the only ones who earned anything from this were the American construction and oil companies. The threats to Syria, Iran and any country in the area that doesn’t follow George W. Bush’s big plan for the U.S. world domination automatically makes them an enemy, a supporter of the terrorists and next candidate for an invasion.

It somehow worked in the beginning, but not for long. Soon the allies realized that the war against terror was the war for American interests, and started keeping their distance. The domestic natural disasters, such as the one in New Orleans, showed everybody that the mighty giant has legs made of glass, which are ready to shatter at any moment. Worst of all was that America lost the trust of nearly everybody, even their only loyal ally the UK, except Tony Blair who somehow tied his political future with George W. Bush and he will obviously pay dearly for it.

Coming back to Iran, after what happened with Iraq nobody thinks to act and everybody expects diplomats to find a solution. At the same time, Iran ignores all the warnings and they know that the international community is numb. They will build their nuclear bombs and all of us are going to be in trouble, just like the kid whop cried wolf. George W. Bush has made us cry wolf so many times that now the wolf is coming and nobody is doing anything.

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Sand2007-02-10 10:57:30
Doubtlessly any fanatic organization bearin nuclear armaments poses a dire threat in the world. Pakistan is boiling with Al Qaeda supporters but somehow is not regarded as a threat even though it has the weapons now and it may not be a stable government for the near future. Iran is nowhere near the posession of real nuclear force and is merely legally starting the process of refining uranium. It has an unfortunately dangerous fanatic element in its administration but is not yet a pressing threat. Another viewpoint can be examined at http://www.counterpunch.org/leupp02092007.html

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