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The Chapel - Part 16
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-02-16 10:51:49
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While eating two well fried eggs and crunchy bacon, Sir John and Chief Inspector Bennett seemed really deep into a conversation about the new police chief. A man obviously Sir John knew too well and Bennett felt a bit reverse.

“So, what’s the plan?” I asked whipping my mouth carefully from all the grease.

“Actually this is the reason we came here,” said Bennett. “The plan is that we don’t really have a plan so we thought that a walk by the chapel might give us an idea, or something anyway.”

I looked surprised at Sir John and he nodded. Sir John without a plan? This must be a first. Sir John always has a plan.

jon01_400_01“What about the gentleman we saw the other night?” I said just to say something.

“We know nothing about him.” Bennett answered too fast. Sir John kept quiet looking at me.

“Yes we do, are at least we think we do.”

“What? No name, no address, impossible to trace him.” Bennett insisted.

“True. But we do know where he is coming from. At least we think we do.” Sir John looked at me with something like a surprise. “So, a good night’s sleep does help!” he said after a minute. “What’s in your mind, lad?”

“Well, nothing specific, but you do know where this gentleman is coming from, don’t you? I mean which country, which area.”

“If my suspicions are correct, I think I do.” Sir John answered.

“He didn’t look the rich type, did he? He had even to walk after visiting the chapel. No car waiting for him outside.”

“True, true!”

“And he is definitely a foreigner in this place.”

“True again.”

“So there are not many places he could stay, are they?”

“What do you mean?” It was Bennett this time to show surprise.

“Look, this man came to this country obviously with a mission. To take something that he thinks that it belong to him,” Sir John was nodding. “He also has a contact here that can help him with what he is looking. He has to be somewhere near his contact so he just take what he is looking for and then departure for his country or whatever it is the place he came from.”

“So somewhere around the Chapel.”

“Or at least somewhere near.”

“And then it has to be a place with some degree of familiarity. At least somewhere he can find the right food.”


“Hoxton train station!”

jon02_400_02“Oh my god, he is right!” Cried Chief Inspector Bennett, “Hoxton train station, there is a small motel in Brunswick, a couple of blocks away!”

“I’ll be damn, lad. Hoxton train station. I would have never thought of it.” Said Sir John smiling. Me? Well I placed the napkin on the table next to my plate and walked back to my room to put a jacket and my winter coat on.

Hoxton train station is close but not walking distance close. Thankfully Bennett, the detective and policeman as always, had a police car waiting for us outside my house. The traffic had started to build up but a black car with a sign police on both sides and white lump on the top always finds its way even in the noon traffic of this metropolis. So ten minutes later the three of us we were standing in front the door of the Brunswick Place B&B with Bennett wearing his most official face.

“Good morning. Are you responsible here?” Bennett asked the young lady behind the mahogany small desk. “How can I help you, Sir?”

“Chief Inspector Bennett.” This must be one of this answers that covers thousands of questions when it comes from a policeman’s mouth. And of course straight way the young woman was standing up looking terrified.

“We are looking for a foreign man, in his …” He looked at Sir John. “Late fifties. A man of colour.” Said Sir John.

“You mean Mr Okoye. Mr Badu Okoye.”

“This must be right,” Bennett said not wanting to so that he had absolutely no idea what he was taking about.

“Room 204, upstairs to your left. And I think he just went to his room. He was out for long this morning. He left early. Even before I come.” Nervousness makes people talk fast and she realized that that was what was happening to her. So she stopped still looking at Bennett and waiting for his next question.

“Is he waiting for you?”

“Oh please let us surprise him!”

And surprise him it is what we did!


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