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Life Undercover #25 Life Undercover #25
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-02-09 08:21:06
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Eva2007-02-10 01:43:45
Cute :)
Asa & Thanos,
Talking about food... I made Janssonin Kiusaus tonight - and my God it was GOOD ;) (even for somebody who can't cook very well)
I spent a few hours in Helsinki 2 weeks ago and I seriously thought about contacting you to meet me for lunch. But unfortunately I was really tired at the time and so didn't. Now I kinda regret that... next time, eh!?

Asa2007-02-10 10:14:58
We are gutted to hear that!

Make sure you contact us next time.

Thanos2007-02-10 10:46:45
And ... I cook!!! :)

Eva2007-02-10 15:11:00
Yes, next time I promise!

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