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Tell them, passer-by...
by Gordana Mudri
2018-12-31 09:08:55
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gord01_400_04Recently I've heard that just one percent of world’s population holds the wealth of the entire planet Earth in their hands. One percent! The rest of the 99 percent are …the people who live within daily jobs, - when they have – with their salaries, - when they get paid - children, old people and people in poverty lacking even the basics (a number that keeps growing). How long is it going to be until most of us cross the line and become one of those that "lacking the basics"? Why are we so weak? Who holds us in fear? Do we really have to wait until we won't have anything else to lose?

99 against 1!

Are we all so inept and incompetent? Or are we too kind and patient? It seems that all our demands, protests and petitions are not reaching the ears of the "mighty one percent".

 I still believe that the good beats the evil just like in a fairy-tale. I'm still like Peter Pan, the eternal child, but the magic dust has lost its strength and I can't fly anymore. Come on, Captain Hook it's also time for you to rest in crocodile tummy. Tic-tac-tic-tac. Our Neverland needs more laughter!

Don't you believe in fairy-tales?

What else do we have left?

99 against ONE... And we are still in fear.

What would the Spartan Leonidas say? 300 warriors against a countless army. Without any fear. At least they tried and now, almost 2500 years later, we still remember them.

Who will remember us? Those from the "One percent"? Yeah, you bet... These are our Xerxes who will walk all over us in silence.

And our epitaph?  Yeah, it could be the same…

“Right here, obedient to their wor(l)d, we lie…”

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