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United we should stand
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-01-01 12:41:51
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From the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris in the beginning of the year to the Flood disaster in Chennai, India few days ago, 2015 was not a poor year regarding events with international impact.

In January it was the traumatic Charlie Hebdo Attack which left all of us mourning under a sign “Je Suis Charlie”. 12 dead including the chief editor of the magazine and a number of artists. The excuse: prejudice, discrimination, hate.

In January also a leftish leader was elected in Greece, Alexis Tsipras driving the whole of the EU into hysterics and deepening euro-crisis. He had to face: prejudice and discrimination occasionally hate from his allies and partners in EU.

 In February Saudi Arabia leads attack on Houthi rebels in Yemen. Excuse, the Shia group opposes Saudi Arabia’s interests and influence in Yemen often led by prejudice.

In April Iran and 6 world powers reach nuclear deal. Perhaps the beginning of the end of a minor cold war that has lasted for decades. An earthquake 7.9 Magnitude hits Nepal. The environment rebels and people die.

In August a major migrant crisis starts in the Aegean Sea and shakes the fundamentals of EU unveiling prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia and racism.

In September Mecca Hajj stampede with hundreds dead proving that terrorism is probably the only thing at the moment that does not discriminate. Excuse: prejudice, hate.

October and Russia intervenes Syria civil war with a Russian passenger plane crashed in Sinai a bit later. Excuse: hate.

un01_400_04November, Paris terrorist attacks leave hundreds dead and the world in shock for the second time with Paris in the centre. Excuse: hate. Consequence: more hate from all sides, xenophobia, prejudice, racism.

December, while the globe is meeting at the COP21 in Paris aiming to save the environment, flood disaster hits Chennai in India proving that too little too late in Paris.

In the meantime the number of African Americans shot by the police without any excuse is constantly increasing and hate crimes have spread all around the world.

For one more year, 30,000 kids died a day all around the world and whole most of them died lacking basics like clean water, basic medical care and food a huge percent has been victim of violence. 30,000 kids a day with nearly 35% of them in our democratic and human rights champion west. Nearly 11 million kids for the year. At the same time only in USA the number of homeless kids under the age of 12 has reached the unbelievable number of 2,000,000 for the year 2015. The numbers for the rest of the world, the not so democratic, not so advance, not so western are unknown for the simple explanation that they would be devastating.

But magazines and organizations award Mrs Angela Merkel as the person of the year because she …saved the economy. We are really screwed. Aren’t we?

Of course we wish you all a nice new year. We wish you a healthy new year and we definitely wish you a lot of happy moments. But we invite you to join us in a battle. This year is going to be the beginning of a long battle which has reached our houses, thanks to politicians like Marine Le Pen, Timo Soini, Donald Trump, Nikos Michaloliakos and so many others. This year we call you to stand with us and fight prejudice, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, Nazism, racism and hate. And the only way to do so is UNITED.


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Emanuel Paparella2016-01-01 15:02:18
You can surely count me in Thanos. I am one of the fortunate ones to have reached a ripe old age and have seen and enjoyed my grandchildren for eight years now, so perhaps I may be allowed to express a thought or two on how we sometimes experience aging. I am afraid that often we experience it in a misguided way. We feel disappointed on how our lives have turned out and take old age to mean that we no longer have a future. One is pointedly reminded of this on the first day of a new year when we are all expected to show a happy face to the world.

Some of us look for scapegoats to blame for how one’s life turned out or even for the current global status of life in our sorry “enlightened” world. But renaissance or rebirth, or new beginnings, if they mean anything at all, they mean that the best is still to come and to be hoped for.

Pascal observed that “we are never living, but hoping to live, and whilst we are always preparing to be happy, it is certain, we never shall be so, if we aspire to no other happiness than what can be enjoyed in this life.” Pascal had it on target: desire cannot live without hope, and yet we can only hope for what we desire and we should be brutally frank with ourselves and be clear on what we desire.
To arrive at a point where we can sustain the life of the heart, the life of deep desire, perhaps we need a clearer picture of the life that lies before us. In this new year we together at Ovi magazine should indeed stand together and resolve to take the first step which may well be to forget one’s bitter disappointments and one’s sought after and never found happiness, and begin thinking of the happiness of others; that of the millions of hungry and malnourished children as it is aptly suggested in the above piece. More pragmatically still, let us all resolve to join UNICEF. That first modest step may put us on a long journey of genuine happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Leah Sellers2016-01-02 01:55:31
Happy New Year to you and the Ovi Crew, Thanos ! And, Yes sir, Untied We Stand....Divided We fall !

Alan2016-01-02 02:40:33
United we stand. YES

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