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Letter to a Child for Christmas
by David Sparenberg
2015-12-24 10:22:58
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Letter to a Child for Christmas

Do you know how to reach the stars?  Look at that lake out before us.  At night stars are sleeping there.
Dark water mirrors dark sky.  Each dragonfly dreams of each coming dawn.
dav01_400_02If you wish to talk to the wind, that’s easy.  Every word begins with listening.
Clouds up above are enchanted by clouds of yellow pollen crossing the desert, footless in the festival of a spring day.
Every time I ask guardians of beauty how joy gets into the world, I remember the light of your eyes.
Your smile is a song.  That same song that whispers “Amen” to the prayers of flowers.
Every time I wish on a candle, your name adds a feather to the wing of an angel.  Angel wings are the arcs of rainbows.

Winter cold makes sour faces at those who are old.  Thank goodness for memories and fire!
Winter, what is it?—blown wind, rain, fog, blown snow.  But winter is also the far side of summer.  Summer comes home to the Earth in the play and rolling laughter of children.

When I am about to become a forgottenness of yesterday, I will ask only one special promise: that you will fulfil tomorrow.

David Sparenberg
12 December 2015


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