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Sailors for a long sailing
by Gordana Mudri
2015-12-20 11:17:30
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ovi003To be honest, I never thought I will sail on a big ship. And, as usual, some things happen quite by accident. And, as usual again, this accidental events are always the best. So, thanks to a friend (that I met by accident) I caught (probably my last) chance for sailing few months ago.

Boarding passed quite easy despite of my fear of the unknown. I was the last member of the crew that have boarded for now.  The captain was (and still is) a benevolent, bearded man and there was no reason for fear. The truth is, he is a loud and outspoken man but also righteous and always ready to help, and that's the way it should be on a huge ship like this. Because this is not some ordinary ship.

First of all, a crew is numerous, I still didn't meet them all. But, no matter if you are in the engine room, in the kitchen or on the deck, you are a member of the crew and you never know what your new task will be. So, we are pretty equal. Second, we are not sailing under one flag, there are a lot of flags on our masts and that makes us proud. With a fact that you can hear a lot of languages on our decks, we are a quite special ship. Third, we really are a special ship.

Sometimes we are just sailing, enjoying new landscapes and ports but most of the time we have some kind of a mission. We are trying to be in every place when someone needs us. And we have to be fast. And that is a hell of the job, but we love it! We are a fancy yacht for enjoying, a fire boat, a rescue boat, we are a great icebreaker (and I must tell you, our captain makes a really good job in this cases) but we are also a battleship. And, oh my God, when we have this role, we are sho(o/u)ting for all the weapons we have and we love to be loud! We must to be heard!

It is a hard job. And it last for 11 years now. A lot of miles behind us, a lot of ports… But I'm pretty sure no one thinks that we should drop the anchor. We still have a lot of job to do, a lot of miles to go and many seas to ruffle.

So, on this day, what else to say than - Happy Birthday Ovi the ship. May your voyage lasts long and bon voyage to the entire crew!

Sincerely, your sailor.

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