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The Seeker The Seeker
by Gordana Mudri
2019-07-14 10:21:41
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The Seeker

I still walk on these streets alone. Sometimes I stop for a moment, to think, to listen for the whisper of the wind in the silence that surrounds me. I turn over my shoulder, hoping that I would see you.

I do not know who you are, but I feel you're near. I breathe your breaths, I absorb your vibrations. I expect to see you and to recognize your eyes, to drown myself in the mirror of your soul.

I don't give up. I still believe. I still can love.

I keep that love for you. You - my hope, my dream, my illusion.

I'll wait for you forever. I will wander these streets until you come. Because I feel you my whole life and I live because I feel you.





Još uvijek hodam sam ovim ulicama. Ponekad zastanem na trenutak, razmislim, oslušnem šapat vjetra u tišini koja me okružuje. Okrenem se preko ramena u nadi da ću te ugledati .

Ne znam tko si, ali osjećam te blizu. Udišem tvoje udahe, upijam tvoje titraje. Očekujem da ću te ugledati i prepoznati tvoje oči, utopiti se u ogledalu tvoje duše.

Ne predajem se. Još uvijek vjerujem. Još uvijek mogu voljeti.

Čuvam tu ljubav za tebe. Tebe - moju nadu, moj san, moju iluziju.

I čekat ću te zauvijek. Lutat ću ovim ulicama dok ne dođeš. Jer, osjećam te cijeli život i živim jer te osjećam.

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