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Deja vu for the wrong reasons
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-11-22 09:26:34
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A week after Paris attacks, Europe lives a déjà vu. We see the aftermath of the 9/11 in European soil. Administrators preparing payback and the public shared in two halves; one ready to sacrifice democracy in the name of security, demanding revenge while they let their hate lead them into a racist rhetoric and the other in a more internal fight trying to defend their democratic dignity and the same time looking for someone to blame. Both in denial.

And living a déjà vu in your personal life is one thing, living it as a nation, a union of nations or as a continent is a lesson never learned. Last week Donald Trump in a very Hitlerian way asked from the US people to create a Muslims’ database taking it one step further, expecting the listed in this database to carry something that will separate and identify them from the rest – Christian in his mind – population. So according to Mr Trump, Mohammad Ali, Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, Amal Clooney, Snoop Dog, Shaquille O'Neal, Mike Tyson and of course the late Malcolm X should be in this database and carry around some kind of recognizable identification – something like a yellow or red crescent? Because they might be …what? Terrorists?

deja01_400Now look again this list of names and think what other apart from their religion these people have? Leaving aside Amal Clooney – in her case even the name betrays her, compared to the very original and Native American Donald Trump – the rest of them seem to have other commodities also targeted in the past and the present by Mr Trump and his followers. The odd thing about USA is that most terrorist attacks after 9/11 were made by white supremacists and Mr Trump and his alike never asked for any kind of database for them or any kind of identification or at least a neighbourhood warning like sex offenders get. Actually all this time it has been Mr Trumps and his alike that have defended them in court rooms demanding respect to their … civic and democratic rights.

I’m not going to write about the mistakes Bush’s administration did for eight years regarding this revenge part. Even his most loyal friends have criticized him for amateurism and now we all know that he actually was partly responsible for worsen everything. Bush administration actually gave more excuses to these fanatics to continue. But let’s return to what the situation has done to USA internally.

Americans accepted as a neccesity to sacrifice basic privacy rights in the name of the war against terror. Rights as freedom of communication don’t exist in USA even when it comes to your most private moments. Whatever you write or say is a subject of observation for one of the US security services, doesn’t matter the name. The all mighty right of protecting your post in USA is violated due to technicalities. Text messaging or emailing is not the same like actual posting letters. Reading somebody’s mail, post mail is a federal punishable crime in USA even for the police without legal permission, but reading the contemporary email is …nothing. Listening to a telephone conversation without warrant and a lot of proof that excuses the act is a federal punishable crime, but NSA can easily eavesdrop everybody’s mobile telephones including the German Chancellors who supposedly is also a close ally in the war against terror.

Suspicion of a terrorist act is enough to call a house search, an arrest even prosecution without any proof apart circumstantial suspicions. But as we all know nowadays this suspicions are mainly based in race profiles. You look Arab, you are a terrorist; you are black you are a criminal. But without touching the second part, which is gigantic, who’s told you that everybody who looks like an Arab is an Arab? Why can’t be Greek, Italian, Spaniard or British and French? Usually they identify “Arabs” because they have dark facial hair.

Soon after and missing entirely the point, the racial became religion proving a whole new level of ignorance. I’m not going to go into the fact that the majority has absolutely no idea what Islam and the Quran are standing for, but an incident in New York a few months ago is the best prove of the stupidity that adjoins ignorance. A black man was beaten near the ground zero because they thought that his …hat was a sign of him Muslimism therefor ….terrorism. The irony; the man was wearing a kippah! If the man was white enough would have they understand that he was an orthodox Jew? Of course they would. Again we had to do with a racist profiling. Another irony, most Jews are dark enough with dark beards to pass for Arabs, are they included in the profiling? The semantics are so many so in the end they become dangerous, cannibalistic and as far away from any sense of democracy.

In Europe the last couple of years we have seen Trumpism rising and its worse form looking its ideals in its very European roots of Nazism. The Hungarian Viktor Orbán leads the parade of the European leaders who only miss the black uniform and the SS insignia. The Polish Beata Szydło, the real Finn Timo Soini, the French Marine Le Pen or the Greek Nikos Michaloliakos, are not far behind with some of them already wearing the black uniform. But the attacks in Paris have changed everything just like 9/11 changed USA. And while a week after everybody is still dumb, I’m afraid we are ready to make exactly the same mistakes. Hollande has already started looking for his revenge.

Parenthetically here, the 9/11 revenge, the invasion to Iraq and the theatrics of the mission accomplice, gave to George W. Bush a triumphal second term in the office. François Hollande is the less popular President in modern French history and most likely after the end of his term nobody in France will want to hear his name again. Perhaps Bush’s example partly motivates his revenge.

But despite all the similarities between the New York attack and Paris attacks there are also some differences we intentionally dismiss. While the N.Y attacks came from abroad, the Paris attacks were internal. Both the plot and the accomplishment of the acts started and ended within Europe by the accomplice of European citizens. Actually even the attacks in NY had European traces if you remember.

The last few days trying to find who to blame everybody had pointed from Saudi Arabia to USA. Partly they are right but this is – at least for me – a result of the denial we have been suffering the last twenty years. Again what you need to look is for the semantics.

The majority in Daesh army are dispirit peasants, the poorest of the middle eastern unequal social system, social parasites, psychotic criminals, religious fanatics and volunteers mainly from Europe with Syrian, Iraqi, Middle Eastern inheritance. Again be careful with the semantics and the source is everywhere around you in the media and the internet. While most of the locals are part of a lumpen working class the Europeans have a middle class education that often includes private school and a very contemporary upbringing. Another noticeable thing is their age. While the majority of the locals are around forty, the European volunteers in majority they are between eighteen and thirty with an average standing around twenty-five.

deja02_400These kids are going volunteers to Syria, knowing that the chances to die are high, they are prepared to live as Bedouins and their first worry is if they will find a way to charge their new iPhone. They are going to fight a war and all the way there they upload selfies and comments in social media. Truth is that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing and this is what makes them easy targets for manipulation and brain wash. It is extreme escapism. 

Haven't you notice that all these attackers in Europe, from the London metro, to Spain (sometimes I have the feeling that we forgot those) were not the typical Middle Eastern attackers? Actually in some cases their education and social skills were much higher than the average European.

This week’s Economist magazine had a special about the attacks in Paris and the ways to answer back or better how to defeat Daesh. In those methods apart from military solution they emphasized economic solutions. Fine and how you going to do that when we all know that most of the money are coming from the untouchables Saudis? Who really funded Bin Landed and al-Qaeda for decades and who really funds the Taliban? This is the most pathetically kept secret and all fingers point at Saudi Arabia and its satellites. Iran? You must be joking. Iran has funded a lot of things in the past but nowadays is in the verges of another fall of the wall where they will be proven a castle made from sand which is dead economically after decades in cold and hot wars just like it happened with USSR. Or is it some mythical mystic organization, spectrum style led with a bold character with a white cat?

So what’s the answer? Again, the answer is hiding in the semantics. And in this case I’m going to use what two pop personas have said in the past. Phil Lynott, the lead singer of the rock group Thin Lizzy, in an interview said that he became rock singer because, “what a half black, half gypsy Irish man can do to make money except becoming a football player or a rock star!” the Swedish and international football superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is the other example. The half Turk Swede star, in his bestselling autobiography points that his only way to escape from the misery of the poor immigrant community that was leading him to crime was to become a football star.

The solution is exactly there, democracy, democracy, democracy and education, education, education. These people lack democratic treatment in their sociality and tolerant education. They are actually victims of prejudice education with no plan for a multicultural society which doesn’t give a chance to indifference and a society that separates them by definition and racial profiling. Where every black belong to the ghetto and is going to be member of a drug gang and when he becomes a president he has falsified his birth certificate, to return for a bit to the US examples.

I know that I have opened a huge issue but if we want a solution we must be first honest with ourselves and search for the roots of the evil and not the convenient and comfortable answers our denial leads us to. And when I talk about democracy and education I don’t limit it to our neighborhood schools but expand it to whole nations that include from USA to Saudi Arabia regardless the price of oil. Sadly now we increase the budget of twisted security forces and defenses taking from education and the society; we build walls and prisons instead of schools and we wonder how it happens and we are losing the war while looking for someone to blame!

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Emanuel Paparella2015-11-22 11:12:15
Indeed Thanos, much food for thought here! Scapegoating is a timeless subterfuge; in fact it seems to be part of human nature, but in reality only a rational animal is capable of it: one places all the guilt and all the blame on a goat and sacrifices it to the gods. Voilà, one has cleansed oneself and is now in the right relationship with the gods. Jung called it projection, or the projecting of one’s faults unto the other, and Levinas indicted the whole Western philosophical-ethical tradition for espousing lofty principles and ideals such as freedom and civil rights, while ignoring the other.

Enter Marine Le Pen and her cohorts, ready to sacrifice to the gods democracy, solidarity, and even education and culture in the name of extreme nationalism and security, never mind the EU.

One of the unlearned lessons of history is that the corruption and the demise of a whole civilization usually derive from internal sources, as you well point out. Indeed, the Paris outrage is an internal phenomenon, just as the demise of Greco-Roman civilization was an internal phenomenon first and foremost. The Barbarians, the Goths, simply picked up the pieces, or better, broke whatever had not been broken yet. You have it on target: Deja vu, indeed. The barbarians are already positioned in the citadel of democracy, like a Trojan horse, biding their time. Some, like Le Pen are in the French Parliament acting like super-patriots, and the suspension of civil rights and the enhancement of police powers has already begun, paradoxically, under a Socialist President who is unwittingly feeding and strengthening the Jihadist narrative.

Just as we had Regan and Thatcher some thirty years ago, we may soon have a Trump and a Le Pen as elected “presidents” of their respective "enlightened" "democratic" countries. They will swiflty proceed to clean the mess up and provide the revenge, the cathartic scapegoating and the projection currently being dreamed by their intellectually bankrupt citizens. It is in fact the dream of many misguided “enlightened” Westerners nowadays. How does the saying go? Beware of what you want, you may end up getting it. To which could be added: let those who have ears, let them hear.

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