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The Chapel - Part 4
by Theodore K. Nasos
2015-11-10 11:45:35
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There was absolutely no reason why Sir John did what he did. He was walking towards the door when quite suddenly he stopped. Then he turned around and headed the opposite direction with me right behind him, wandering if the rain had done something to do with it. He stopped in the middle of the street, looked carefully around and then walked to a low building on the other side of the street.

jo02_400The place was small and dark but it was dry and there was enough space for both of us. Behind us a solid wooden door seemed carefully locked and silent.  No lights anywhere in the little house cross the street. Actually there was very little light on either side of the street. Only some dark shadows here and there.

For a moment I thought that I heard Sir John grunting but then I thought that it might be from the cold that had gradually started penetrating my coat. But he didn’t say anything, he just backed a bit more pulling both of us in the darkness of the entrance of that house.

An aching hour dragged by with me feeling the cold moving with my blood slowly in my veins, freezing every muscle and I started feeling a bit crazy standing motionless in the dark with the endless drop of rain giving me a headache. And then there was light.

At first it looked like a match fire or something like that but then we both saw the door on the other side of the street opening. Sir John seemed much tensed but instead of what I was expecting, him jump out screaming, he moved further in the dark pushing me even further back. Both his hands inside his pockets like he was holding something.

And then the man stepped out of the door. Massive, the huge shape of the man I had seen before in the Chapel, leaving the house. I tried to look better, but Sir John didn’t let me. Even in the dark I sensed the angry look he gave me. The man locked his door and he was turning towards the street when another shadow came out from the next building.

Another big beefy man stood out in the rain looking at the man we were watching. He stood there for a brief second and then everything happened so fast. I’m sure I saw the knife, a long thick kitchen knife and I saw the giant from the chapel’s kitchen rising his hands like he was trying to protect himself. Too late. The knife hit him twice and it stopped only because the same time Sir John was running towards them screaming something I could not hear or understand.

For a moment the shadow of the new man stood there trying to understand what was going on. The other one moaned already on his knees somehow looking at his hands. Then the new man was not there. It was only the giant from the chapel laying on the street and Sir John on top of him trying to do something I could not see. Then it was me in panic, thinking that I live a nightmare. I was also praying inside me for a policeman to appear in some kind of a magical way and put everything in order.

The only thing that did happen was that the rain stopped. In fact it didn’t rain again that night. But soon after all the houses around had their lights on and before long the police arrived. Sir John hadn’t moved an inch from his place, standing there and looking at the man who had been murdered in front of us.


jo01“Sir John, I know you for too long to believe that you were standing next to a murdered man in the first hours of the morning and all that was a coincidence.” Sir John and I were sitting on the most uncomfortable chairs anybody had ever made with a cup of tea in front of each one of us. Both cups looked like they had worked hard during their life and perhaps time had come for somebody to feel some mercy for them and just throw them away. And they could join them with the table they were left on. Apart from two heart shapes and some unclear dates I could actually see the shape of a naked woman carved on the wood on the top of that filthy table.

“I’m sorry for the … ahem … decoration, ahem ...but it is too early and no other office is ready to take visitors.” He obviously had noticed my look. Sir John was sitting calmly and actually while Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett was giving me his explanation I could see him having a sip of tea from that awful cup. “Can I have a bit of milk, please.” He said after leaving his cup back on the table. “Of course, of course. Constable!” Chief Inspector said and he left the room looking for the ...constable.

“How are you Sir John?” Sir John looked at me like he hadn’t notice that I was there before. “I’m fine lad, and how are you?” How am I? How am I? Terrified, that's how am I. In shock, that’s how am I. in denial, that's how am I. A man had been murdered in front my eyes and you ask who am I? I’m terrified. That’s how I am! Yet, I didn’t say anything at all.

“I know lad, I know,” Sir John said slowly. “But no worries here. I know who killed the man.” And we both heard Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett coughing from the open door.


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