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Green Sanity
by David Sparenberg
2015-11-07 13:05:19
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Through joyous repentance, non-violence, ecosophy,* biotic democracy,** and a prosperity of appreciation, life will change, Earth will heal.

for01_400Listen: America is a democracy.  So too Canada, Australia, Britain, France and others.  None of these are perfect democracies; mostly rough democracies.  Yet they are among the best on the planet.

Perfect democracy is a vision and only comes with the fulfilment and liberation of humanity.

This is our crossing over the threshold from the history of total war and the age of extinctions into the undiscovered country of democratized enlightenment.

There and then actions become acts of beauty.  Knowledge becomes the opening to wisdom, to ecosophy; connective, sustaining Earth Wisdom.

There and then democracy becomes biotic democracy, allotting justice to all species.

The journey of course is inclusively heroic, extraordinary and step by step.  And we will never go as far as necessary through violence; we shall never emerge whole, into the collective, salvific light—the responsibility and mutuality of light—through slavery, oppression, dissemblance and corruption.

We can only go further on this way creatively, with profound respect, with profound discipline.

A seed does not grow without resistance, or without vital force.  So too the truth of what I say: until the fire within, bound in the secret of destiny, is strong; then it pushes upward, revealing itself as fruit or flower or tree, and transforms the world around it.


*Ecosophy: a philosophy of feeling developed from the Earth Wisdom of belonging and being an integral presence in the all-living hoop of creation.

**Biotic democracy: the participatory right of all Earth’s species to exist in accordance with their nature.  And to do so within just habitation and under favorable conditions.


David Sparenberg - 10 Oct. 2015


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Leah Sellers2015-11-07 23:11:03
So Appreciate and Love your Poet Philosopher's Soul, Mr. David !

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