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The Chapel - Part 3
by Theodore K. Nasos
2015-11-03 10:51:19
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That night I slept in the small room Sir John always keep for me in the ground floor. He actually surprised me, one day long time ago, when he led me to the room next to his study. “I made this room for the nights I finish late and I cannot take the stairs up to my room. I never really used it. From now, it is your room; when you need to stay here, of course.”

john01_400Sir John hadn’t said much that night, after coming back from meeting the minister. He seemed lost in thoughts and memories and when he is in that mood I keep quiet. A late snack with small cheese-butter sandwiches and a last glass of bourbon had me ready for bed so after apologizing I went to my room. The fire was on and the flames were dancing on the walls when Sir John entered the room without knocking, a few minutes later. “You are still dressed. Good, good. We’ve better hurry.”

Two minutes later with the cold air hitting me straight in the face, any trace of sleepiness had gone. I was wide awake and scared. This was the dangerous time of the night. Strange types walked in the shadows and you didn’t want to meet them. The Comet the other day, had an article about a gang of teenage thugs who robed innocent people this time of the night. First page and there was actually an incident where one of them pulled a long knife threatening a poor man with his life.

Sir John didn’t say anything for long and I could recognize the direction we were walking to. Dark silence and only the shadows of occasional trees in the side of streets under brick buildings all looking the same in the night. Here and there, there was a light but too small to far to help the fear I started feeling. Soon we were back to my neighbourhood and the sense that my small apartment, my settler was close got stronger, while the image of the huge man in the Chapel started appearing in the back of my mind, I don't know why.

When we arrived at the gates of the Chapel, Sir John stopped, looked around and then finding what he was looking for he walked towards a red-brick building on the right side. We were standing under the shadow of the red-brick building’s entrance and we could see a light on the basement of the chapel where the little kitchenette should be. The silence had become heavy and fog appeared from the high.

Despite the cold of the night I felt sweat in the back of my head and I was ready to move my hat when I felt some kind of tense from Sir John. The light in the small kitchenette had just turned off and there was some kind of movement in the small garden in front of the Chapel. Then I saw him. It was more like a part of the building suddenly separated from the main construction and moved to the gate than a human being walking. Dark, huge, square ...dangerous.

john02_400He opened the gate from inside with a push and after stepping out in the street he pushed it somehow close again. A thin metal sound reached us in the other side of the street and before saying or doing anything I felt Sir John moving. He didn’t look for me, he just moved carefully keeping his attention on the man walking away from the gate. I didn’t want to follow, but what choice did I have?

Suddenly the giant shadow turned right and Sir John followed a few steps behind. I tried to speed up so not to lose them but turning right I discover that I had lost them. Actually I lost the whole world. Something hit me straight in the back of my head and despite all the stories of stars and bright lights the only thing I saw next was Sir John’s face looking at me with worrying eyes. I was laying flat on the wet street.

“What…” I managed to say. “How many finges you can see?” Sir John asked me showing me three fingers. Three I murmured and Sir John helped me to stand up. It was a car, definitely a car hit me. I said trying to think what had happened. “No, it was him alright.” Sir John said quietly. Let’s go to the police, I said with sudden anger. “And tell them that the man you were following, stalling, hit you?” I was stalling nobody, I was with you. Sir John smiled. I actually hate it when he does that. “It doesn’t matter, I know where he is now.”

“He lives not far from here, I saw him entering a house.” How long was I flat on the street? “A few minutes, I suppose…” And you didn’t think to help me? “You were fine! You should think of exercising more, you know!” my house was not far and suddenly I missed my bed and I was in absolutely no mood to be in the company of the little man any more.

“So, shall we?” Shall we what? You left me there laying on the street and now you want me ...what? “I want you to help me solve a mystery.” Oh now we have a mystery? The only mystery I can see is why the hell am I still standing here talking with you. a was furious. But I did follow. When it comes to my objections and regrets, Sir John has a very selective hearing.


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