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The EU directorate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-10-18 11:43:02
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orb02_400In violation to everything agreed, to obligations towards partners and to any sense of solidarity, Hungary sealed its borders to Croatia and Slovenia in an effect to stop the refugee waves or as the Hungarian PM put it, to protect Europe. To protect Europe from whom? From the hungry and barefooted victims of a war and human barbarism or from the Croatians, the Slovenians and the other southerners? Or Christianity form Islam as the Hungarian PM often argues? And who appointed Viktor Orbán the constable of Europe?

But Orbán is not the issue here. Orbán is here just to remind us how much we failed. How much a dazed and confused merger of democratic countries has allowed the Orbáns of this continent to take over and bully with their obnoxious believes and behaviour the whole European Union.

A few days ago the EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, was asked by a journalist about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the journalist pointing the negative reaction from most of the European people. Her answer was: “I do not take my mandate from the European people!” Period and she left. Of course the journalist was in a shocked awe and he immediately expressed his shock in a post for his agency but how much truth there was behind what Cecilia Malmström said and who really rules Europe?

We might have been suspecting for long what’s going on with EU, but it was the euro-crisis and especially the Greek crisis that really exposed the fact that the European fundaments that wanted a tied partnership among equal partners who were there to support and protect each other and all together the European sovereignty and democracy, was a dead dream and nothing more. As things have been unveiling the last few years the dream of a United States of Europe was a utopia and Europe is hostage to a dictatorial minority with political agendas and economic aims. Period.

Europe is ruled by a group of extreme conservative – dangerously flirting with the far-right – politicians, a directorate, that enforces policies to serve their anti-liberal, anti-labour, anti-communist, anti-Russian – and who knows what other anti - hallucinations while they withhold the whole continent hostage to financial interests that fund them and their survival in the political arena of their countries. Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Federal Minister of Finance, is the best example of this new European reality. And for Herr Schäuble, Viktor Orbán – and his alikes all around Europe - is just a convenient pawn and nothing more.  

orb01_400Don’t think that I see Wolfgang Schäuble as the mastermind evil who’s planning to become Europe’s absolute dictator for the next millennium. In a very twisted way he is actually as much a victim as most Europeans this moment. Slave of his ideological blinkers and in a dispirit race to see his promise-land become reality, he has made so many compromises that his promise-land doesn’t belong to him anymore and there are others who shape it. Wolfgang Schäuble is nothing more than a bureaucrat paper-pusher, pawn as much as Viktor Orbán.

In Brussels this moment there is directorate that rules Europe under the funding and occasionally handling from big banks and cooperatives and if the interests of the European people oppose the interests of this directorate, then the answer is: “I do not take my mandate from the European people!”

Actually this reminds me something that happened a couple of months ago. A candidate for the populist “River – Ποτάμι” party in Greece declared in national television that the poor, often influenced by their condition, they make the wrong decisions, vote for the wrong causes and in the end she hinted that perhaps they shouldn’t enjoy the right of voting. How democratic but how many times we heard something similar coming from Brussels the last few years. Wolfgang Schäuble was sceptic about the Greek elections early this year and he was not alone. Accompanied by a few European leaders including the President of the Commission, they had doubts if the timing was good for the Greek people to exercise their democratic right. The argument? This government does what we want, why to change it?

The Greeks voted, the government changed and after a series of blackmails and pressures the new government compromised and continues to obey the orders of the directorate, much to Herr Wolfgang Schäuble’s delight.

Forget fundamentals, blue prints and constitutions, EU is ruled by a directorate compromised by financial interests and what gave Viktor Orbán – this racist fascist who rules Hungary – the right to be Europe’s constable is the absence of those fundamentals, blue prints and constitutions.

Sadly and as history has often proven it in the past, this directorate way of ruling is like a double edged knife, it can turn against the holder. The most famous, the French directorate ended in blood.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-10-18 12:21:26
The above acute analysis of the sad state of affairs currently prevalent in the EU brings to mind Jefferson’s prophetic warnings to the new nation which can be applied universally to all new incipient polities: “Those who substitute economic interests and political advantages to freedom and democracy, deserve to lose both…Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

Leah Sellers2015-10-19 02:55:48
To protect Us from Ourselves and the Boogie-Monsters we imagine we see behind every unexpected circumstance and moving Shadow....
Well articulated, Thanos !

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