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"we have work to do"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-02-01 09:08:06
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color the rainbow black and white
put a shine on this new firmament
and paint the sky a roaring red tree
we have work to do on this new scene

sculpt the grass into great mountains
and clear the petals from its toes
soften the stones into pink molds
we have work to do on this fine dream

replace the sun its grown too old
fill the air with flashing black charges
and the soil below in shades of rain
we have work to do on every seam

make the faces square and pointy
fly the fish and swim the songbirds
let magic play hay beneath the seas
we have work to do to every extreme

we’ll trace the hearts outside of frames
to save this creature from emotion’s pain
so lets shape the soul into an empty hole
we have work to do what does it know

one last look let’s examine the finish
no no no this fine mess won’t do at all
raise the rivers and awash this stage
we have work to do on a brand new scene

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