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Beyond Time
by David Sparenberg
2015-10-10 11:32:47
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time01_400He was night-weary on the road in the dust of summer.  He stopped awhile and looked.

She was there, just beyond the white picket fence, working her garden.  She wore a white cotton dress and her morning garden hat put a shade on her face.

At some time, he gathered courage and crossed over and spoke.  He said, “Hello Miss.  Do you recognize me?”

She looked at him with her eyes of pure color and a tender smile before she replied.  She said, “There is something familiar; I know not what it is.  But no—I do not know you.”

Then a man, no more than a tall shadow of a man, appeared in the open doorway of the house.  He called down, “My dear, is all well?”

She, waving, answered.  “Yes, all is well.  It is but an old beggar out on the road.”

The word beggar afflicted the traveler to his soul.  Steadily he stepped away, his head bent in hurt and shame.

But a touch on his elbow stopped him to turn again.  There she stood before him, her eyes of pure color looking searchingly into his eyes, as she placed a small bouquet of new cut flowers into his hand.

Weary as he was and weighed with sorrow, the old man felt like tears.  But she brushed the dust from his jacket sleeve and spoke gently.  She said only this single word, “Perhaps.”

David Sparenberg


 David Sparenberg has a new book in the Ovi Bookshelves,
"Life in the Age of Extinctions volume 2 – Threshold"
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