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Overjoyed Lebanon
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-30 08:18:08
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And it came to that…one dead student in Beirut at the very same time foreign donors have pledged nearly 7.5bn euros in aid and loans for Lebanon in a conference in Paris - the biggest pledges came from Saudi Arabia, US, France and the EU. Then all of them joined for the photographs where the French president Mr. Chirac congratulates the Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, while his Christian allies and Hezbollah militants and supporters are in street fights back in the Lebanese capital.

There is so much irony in the situation that you don’t know where to start and whom to blame. Of course, there is somebody missing in the paragraph above: Israel. They are one of the protagonists of the situation and is always there through…representatives! Saudi Arabia, USA, France and the EU are responsible for the situation in Lebanon and despite the warnings from King Abdullah II of Jordan that Lebanon is the third place on fire in the Middle East nobody seemed to be ready to do anything.

The American administration and Mr. Bush somehow played the role given from Hezbollah, supporting Israel while televisions all around the world was showing pictures of kids dying in the streets of Lebanon. Europe, from her side, with France in the lead, were so late to react that they gave Hezbollah all the space they needed to lead to the clashes we have seen in the last days.

Hezbollah needed a bad guy with the face of a murderer who, in the eyes of the Lebanese public, will disgrace every effort from the west, whether coming from France, Spain or even Greece. Furthermore, it also disgraces a prime minister who is Christian and supported from that evil west.

But at the same time in Paris, Mr. Chirac is ‘overjoyed’ at the amount pledged. How many more bodies will help Mr. Chirac and his colleagues, including Mr. Bush, to see what’s going on and there is no use for these billions when a country is at the admission of a civil war. France and Europe in general have a lot to say when it comes to question of the conflict that has started four decades before.

A well-funded and supported Christian minority against a poor Islamic majority who found protection under Hezbollah and instead of trying to correct the mistake, negotiate a solution that left them to dive into a civil war and the local struggle of power between Syria and Israel. For years Lebanon became the battlefield between those two.

What all of them miss is that behind the sign of terrorist organization, Hezbollah is the Lebanese and Palestinian Muslim people’s dignity. It’s the dignity they lost during the colonization years, it’s the dignity they lost during the western domination into their domestic issues, and it’s the dignity they tried to earn during the civil war and as long nobody will give them back their dignity they will always be hosted under the umbrella of the first, who can promise them to help them – it doesn’t matter if that’s a terrorist organization, a religious heresy or an individual messiah.

It is not as though we don’t have any more examples of this situation lately! Does anybody think that the majority of the Iraqis were dreaming of a civil war after Saddam? Their first chance to live a normal life after two generations of dictatorship and they are in the midst of killing tens and hundreds daily.

Don’t they think that the average Iraqi would love to have a nice work, go home in the evening and watch television while his kids finish their homework, have an early night and then watch football on Saturday afternoon with his friends? How much do they think that all these billions will help the people dying in the streets of Beirut? How much more Mr. Chirac will be ‘overjoyed’?

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