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by David Sparenberg
2015-09-13 11:42:31
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there is rain and mud on the backroads of Greece  here believer take this coat my coat  today  today I become a human being
who are the men with the tanks and the bombs and the guns  who is the leader whose power weights more than the sufferings and deaths of millions
it is war that has brought you here before strangers… throughout our earth it is common: war is madness  war is simply murder
dav01_400_01you come looking for safety – a gaunt man not old but overnight no longer young with your swollen wife your children the grave of your father (that exiled Odysseus who will never return to Ithaca) and your old mother
your eyes do not look for peace  your eyes look for what is immediate restful  tell me: where is a roof  where is a stove  where is a blanket on a dry floor
today I will not eat but the Syrian child will eat a girl in a crowd maybe ten years old whose face is now haunting the world
that face is the end of civilization a darkness at noon a cloud in an endless downpour
who are the men the toughs with the guns and the tanks and the bombs  who is the leader whose iron fist is more merciful than his iron heart  what do the dog of war hunt for anymore  why do the factions go on fighting  to sift the rubble of Aleppo  to mock our skeletons in burned sand
tonight I will not sleep tonight  how is sleep possible  those slogging feet  help me  help… 
there is rain: there is rain, rain and mud there is rain, rain and mud there is rain and rain and rain and mud on the backroads of Greece

nobody walks between these raindrops believer… Nobody!

David Sparenberg
10 Sept. 2015


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Gordana Mudri2015-09-13 13:46:26
Causes spasm in the body and an explosion in the brain. Breathing becomes discontinuous and I feel the rain and the mud and the cold of the backroads. Despair and hope ... There has to be hope! At least until there is someone who can write like this.

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