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Galacticos to the Galaxy
by Kevin Mitchell
2007-01-29 11:28:40
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David Beckham will end his career in the United States, just as he said he wanted. Now, I, for one, am happy about this, and not because I am a Liverpool fan. Beckham always seemed to have more style over substance, he has been all about the right foot and not much else on the football pitch.

His record-breaking five-year deal with the Major League Soccer team LA Galaxy captured headlines earlier this month. The deal will see Beckham earning up to $10 million a year in direct salary, but he could earn up to $50 million a year with endorsements. Beckham said, "After considering several options to stay in Madrid or join other major British and European teams, I have decided to join LA Galaxy," which isn't too surprising when he could be earning about 90 dollars every second on the field.

However, there is no chance he will be remembered as a great player, especially when compared to the likes of Pelé, Maradona and Cruijff, although he was named as a member of Pelé's FIFA 100. He would not even get into my Top Ten British Players, since I agree with the late George Best's statement, "Beckham cannot use his left foot and he never heads the ball, but he can put in a good cross with his right boot."

I am not saying he is a bad player, since he is great at crossing, free kicks and corners, plus he isn't too bad at tackling, but how often has he gone round a full back or ran at the defence; I remember once when he was playing under Ferguson at Manchester United. How he became the fifth most capped English player of all time, nominated twice for FIFA World Player of the Year Award and captain the English national team for six years is a mystery.

I cannot understand the media hype about him all the time, especially after the April 2002 Champions League match against Deportivo La Coruña when the world learned what a metatarsal bone was. The media hyped up Beckham's injury as though it would make or break England's progress in the 2002 World Cup finals despite having other players, such as Owen, Campbell, Ferdinand and even Heskey.

When he was England captain, it was more like Team Beckham than Team England, and his time at Real Madrid has not seen the same success he enjoyed at Manchester United with their dominance of the FA Premier League in the 1990s and early 2000s, winning the Treble (League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League) in 1999.

Beckham's departure from Europe for greener American pastures could be better for everybody. He'll be out of the England team for good and will be closer to Hollywood in order to make more adverts for Adidas, Vodaphone, Police Sunglasses, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Gillette or BP Castrol engine oil advert, plus Coca-Cola and IBM.

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