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by Katerina Charisi
2019-01-14 11:26:06
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“When we were young we were fighting all the time.”

“Yes we did! Because you were selfish and stealing my stuff”

kat01_400_02No I didn’t! I wasn’t borrowing your stuff! That’s what sisters do!”

“Oh they do, but you were “borrowing” when I wasn’t around and never asked. Did you “borrow” Mark too?”


“Oh don’t pretend you don’t remember. My boyfriend Mark! You borrowed him too??”

“What? Mark? From high school?? 35 years ago?? Is that your best shot? Plus I didn’t even talked to the guy!”

Oh please. You were always like that.”

“And you were daddy’s best girl.”

“No I wasn’t, you know that’s a lie. Our parents loved us both the same. Stop doing this already. You were always a crybaby trying to make me look like a bitch and others feel sorry for you.”

“No, you were jealous ‘cause I was thinner.”

“But I was more beautiful.”

“And I had better grades.”


“But we don’t fight anymore.”

“No, we don’t! We are grownups.”

Yes we are. And even when you look at me funny because John left me last year, I don’t fight with you.”

What????? I don’t look at you funny! You do it again!”

“Oh I don’t do anything. I am alright. Very calm. See? Calm. Let’s call a taxi to drive us home. It’s getting dark.”

“I thought we were going to walk back home.”

“Can you for once just agree with me?”

Why cant you?”



"Mortals of Megapolis"
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