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Hillary Clinton Takes on the Meanings of Terrorism
by Leah Sellers
2015-08-30 10:05:22
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Yes, Hillary Clinton is right when she intimates that the Put Them Back In Their Place Mentality of the Right Broken Wing-o, Ragin’ Red Republican Party is similar to that of our present day Terrorists, most whom want Everyone to be violently Forced into and made Servitude to their very Male dominated and led, Hate-filled, Bigoted, Authoritarian, Fear-based, Power Hungry Caliphate.
hill01_400Yep, she’s not too far off base.  And only those who have been Minimalized and Marginalized for years and years, and have been struggling for years and years to be Maximized, Ratified and Gratified, just like Everyone else who enjoys their I’m Naturally Better Than You Are Status, in order to really Create a Fair and Just Playing Field for One and All can really understand that.
The Minimalized and Marginalized Sense the similarities in their Gut.  And Feel them within their Minds, Hearts, Souls and Bodies.  And these Sensibilities turn, and squirm and wrench around in that very same Gut every time they are hit in that very Sensitive Instinctive Sphere with a deliberate, but ever so polite or outright rude or brutal Slight or Slur or Exclusion or Bullying in order to Force them to Conform to Whatever the I’m Naturally Better Than You Are Folks who are threatened, for whatever Reasonings or UnReasonings, by their overall Character and Being just because they are perceived Different from Them.
And the I’m Naturally Better Than You are Folks like, prefer and consistently conjure the World of Us and Them, because it makes them feel more Powerful, and in The Right, and in Control.
Creating the World of Us and Them is a very reliable and wickedly effective ancient War strategy.  It creates Division and Chaos.  And both of those volatile elements almost always aid the Energies of those who choose to conjure them, and use and abuse them.
Yes, Hillary Clinton is right.  We are at a Crossroads.  Do we Fall Backwards into a further Terrorizing, but all too familiar, World of Us and Them or do we All move Forward into a World of “We”ism ?  We are All in this World to Positively Lift One and All Up Toward our Higher Selves “Together”ism that embraces and understands the Strengths inherent within Similarity and Difference.  Difference creates tensions that can move The Whole to newer stages and phases of Evolutions that don’t always have to become Revolutions.
Universal Love and Equal Justice and Rights for One and All are Inclusionary Ideas and Ideals.  All else leads to varying forms and degrees of Terrorism and War strategies.

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