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E.T. call home
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-27 10:10:32
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I was browsing through the news when I noticed that China had launched a new missile that destroys satellites. So they successfully tested it with an old Chinese satellite 800 kilometers somewhere above the earth and then warned all the other space-powers that they will not allow the militarization of the space.

It might not make much sense but all there is in space around the earth at this moment is satellites that are sent from the ones who could do it, in order to spy on the others who probably did it. So America has satellites spying on China that has satellites spying on Russia that has satellites spying on Japan and it goes on and on.

For the ones who remember George Lukas made Star Wars, yet it was Ronald Reagan who nearly made it come true with his ambitious plan for a world umbrella of satellites that would stop any Russia attempt for a nuclear strike. Not that the Russians didn’t have their own Star Wars plan ready, but then Gorbachev came and made perestroika and glasnost to change everything. One day they were talking about Star Wars and the next they were meeting in Reykjavik agreeing to reduce nuclear missiles.

That was in theory because in practice both powers continued their race in arming the space above the earth's atmosphere, constantly finding new ways to do so and, after the '80s, more powers joined the club. The new thing was commercial satellites that served television channels or private communication companies, but the truth was that most of them became the ears and the eyes for certain countries. As I said before, the race between USA and Russia had new rivals, such as China, Japan and even Pakistan and India came to join the club.

So the umbrella Ronald Reagan was dreaming became a chaotic situation with all sorts of things going on above the earth because there is one more problem: these satellites might get old and become obsolete. They are up there going around transforming space into a big junkyard, as if we didn’t have enough polluting the earth we started polluting space too.

And then the war games and George W. Bush came. He wanted to leave his stamp on earth's history or at least on space, but after failing in everything else on earth he decided to resurrect the Star Wars program, modernize it and put it in action again. This time they added something new; they emphasized the fact that the US will not allow anybody else to do anything in space. They declared space as a place where the US dominates. Right! But did he ask E.T.? Did the Chinese get E.T.’s permission to talk about militarizing space?

I’ve never seen E.T. myself, only the film; a flying saucer has never landed in my garden and I tend to agree with most of the scientists that it is nearly impossible for aliens to have landed on Earth, but in no way do I dismiss the idea of life in space. And we are talking about life in the million different ways life can form in any environment and does not necessary have to look human, since a microbe is life - in that sense, obviously the scientists agree that there are Martians.

Before militarizing or demilitarizing space, shouldn’t Mr. Bush, the Chinese, the Japanese and everybody else think to ask E.T.? Or at least think what ET might be thinking about somebody who claims that he can dominate space? Oddly that’s the only thing that sounds like science fiction!

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Sand2007-01-27 05:41:54
The Bush administration is as close to an alien invasion as I prefer to get. There policies certainly don't seem to have much advantage for humans.

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