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Greeks baring memorandums
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-08-22 11:38:13
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It seems that crisis in a no ending story for the Greeks this year. Thursday evening, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for early national elections; seven months after the victorious for him and his party last election.

From his side this was a political strategic move despite all the excuses used. Excuses that included the need to stop the strong internal opposition – from his own party - that has started since Tsipras compromised with the European and the IMF leadership violating his party’s principals and all the reasoning that made the Greeks vote for him. Another excuse was the need for a new confidence vote from the people, since circumstances have radically changed from February.

tsi01_400_01There is a strong opposition inside his party, 32 MPs out of the 149 elected in February voted against the new memorandum agreement opposing the government. Ironically Tsipras survived thanks to the votes of the conservative and social-democratic opposition. On top of that he had to face the constant controversy from the speaker of the parliament, his comrade Zoe Konstantopoulou.

The situation was tricky because while the opposition would help Tsipras to pass all the laws and changes demanded from the troika they would oppose any other suggestion for lesser importance to the troika laws but highly prioritize from Tsipras. A schizophrenic situation that would lead SYRIZA to elections sooner or later.

However it was the opposition, internal and external, that was in favour for later elections. The internal opposition, days after signing the agreement with Brussels with the defeat feeling strong, was still trying the waters to see where they stand not only within the party and Tsipras but also with the people. At the moment everybody in Greece is indecisive, numb or in denial about what has happened or what will happen. In the meantime the external opposition is still in loss after the catastrophic defeat they faced in February from a party that was always around 4-7%.

The conservative party with a temporary leader and the social democrats barely entering the parliament after nearly 30 years in power  with a new leader trying to recover from the repeated shocks. The populist River party and the Nazi Golden Down trying still to understand what’s going on serving their very own suspicious agendas and last the monolithic communist party literally living in a parallel space. None of them wanted elections at least for another year. None of them wanted even to hear about elections till 2016.

But a year is a long time for Tsipras. And this is where the strategist politician came, far away from the romantic we all had hoped for. This was the perfect momentum to guarantee two more at least years in the power. You see the question is not anymore for or against the memorandums, for or against the euro currency, but who’s going to govern under these circumstances were Greece is like an occupied land from bankers and economic interests, represented by the German dominators of Europe.

It is about who and not which. Somehow principals, ideologies, parties, democracy are dead, sacrificed for the good of the euro currency.

But what will the Greeks do? This time nobody bares gifts. Actually each one of the main three main protagonists carries the responsibility of one of the three referendums that have led the Greeks into poverty and the misery of unemployment, while the alternative is a populist with suspicious connections and a Nazi.

So the Greeks are facing elections with limited choices. None of them serving their interests, at least not the overwhelming 62% that voted NO in the referendum last month that shocked the whole Europe. Their choices are: A conservative who’s often has been a joke for his manners, left with a party after a big electoral lose and ruined reputation from a corrupted former prime minister and his extreme right ideals. A social-democrat who has to defend the party that is mainly responsible for the Greek crisis, decades of corruption and the one that enter Greece into this adventure. A populist with obvious personal agendas and very rich owners, a confused nationalist who can cooperate with the left for the good of the country, a hard liner communist and a Nazi.

Not much choice that actually leaves Tsipras as the only player. Or at least that’s what he and the rest of the parties think. In a month we will know what the Greeks think and they have already surprised everybody in July, why not in September as well?

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