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Rapes in the name of Rama
by Shahul Hameed
2015-08-11 10:38:35
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Oh! My Ammi……Why did you leave me here to suffer in this cruel world while you proceeded to heaven? ...................I'm suffering every moment with great pain. It is such a horrible pain.

What a terrible pain in my vagina each and every day, you know? Every moment, the blood and puss oozing out from my vagina, have you ever seen?

india01_400_02Dear Ammi! Do you remember? One day Abba left for work and returned home at midnight, at that time you both kept me on your lap, as the eldest daughter, and said, "My daughter is very beautiful........And she is the queen of the Naroda patiya...........She is like a beautiful bride and must marry a king like Shahjahan", when I heard that a beautiful dream that crept into my mind where you came to me during the night and King Shahjahan came from his Kabrstahn to take me.

My dear Ammi……However you know that a man has yet to come near my side. Obnoxious  odor emitting from my genitals. My beautiful skin is now grey and sickly.

No young person from the other states of India selected me, from the girls in sha-e- alam camp, that is, those who were affected in the Gujarat riots. No one chose me!  Nobody wants a woman with sickly odors wafting from her body.  My Abba would never have thought that this will happen to me when he showed much love to me.

The little house in the slum yard of Narodapatiya….. We were in a pigeon hole house with seven girls whom you took care and treated us as queens. Any day after his work, did he ever forget to bring sweets for us?

In order to save us from hunger and tears, you both were hungry for many nights. Though it was a pigeon hole house that we lived in, how happy we were then! My sisters and I , being girls, did you both ever think that we were a burden to you?

During our School holidays when we went to Ahmadabad, he had bought all the items whatever we asked for without any grumbling….Oh! My Ammi …..Abba knows what my situation  now? When all of you are happy in paradise, why you had put me here to suffer alone in this cruelty ..........such sufferings..................the odors!

My dear Ammi...............  Do you remember those terrible moments?  When I was raped, before the eyes of my father, by the people who were uttering the slogan as Jeysriram; and also cutting off your head, which had given us loving smiles and kisses. 

In heaven, did Allahgive you a new head as a replacement of the old one? The people did not even consider my six and seven-year-old sisters, raped them and proceeded to insert the trident in their genital parts, before finally burning them by pouring gasoline on them!

How much suffering my baby sisters had to experience before dying? Are they happy in Paradise? Did Allah have given them a new body? Or is puss oozing out from their genitals till now, like me? When Abba was tolerating all these atrocities, they pulled his beard and poured gasoline in his mouth. Is Abbais still there with you? You used to say that Allah is the Most Compassionate; does he take good care of you?

Oh! My Ammi.................Do you know where the gang who came to our house dragged me and what they did with me? They took me to the Noorani Mosque where Abba used to go for prayer every day morning, in front of the mosque around 11 people, who wore khaki trousers and saffron banians gathered. The Predators, who were loudly uttering Jeysriram, raped me brutally and stabbed my vagina with a trident before their departure.

Do you know how I suffered? Dear Ammi.......did their God command them to rape the women and insert the trident in their genital parts? The very same people who said that bulls should not be slaughtered for meat, but in the name of Rama, how brutally they cut your neck? Is this their duty performed to Rama? Will Ram help them into Heaven?

Do you know my dear Ammi..............?What happened to kousar banu sister who was our next door neighbor? They cut her 9 months pregnant belly, took out the baby and burnt it! Like that wasn’t enough, the finally stabbed it with the trident! Such merciless creatures!  What kind of devotion to God is this..................?

How is she in heaven...............? Did she get the child alive in heaven.....................? How is her ripped stomach? Do you remember our distant Uncle Javed Imran's 6 year old son? Do you know of his situation?

With the Rama's children, when he asked for water, they poured gasoline in his mouth and he was burnt and killed............How much he would have suffered..................

When I was raped in front of the Noorani mosque, do you know how happy the policemen were to witness this   while standing to protect that site?

Dear Ammi.........., do you know terrible news? The one who motivated the devotees of Lord Rama to rape the women of Gujarat was Maya Kotnani! An MLA who was appointed as Minister of Women and Child Development by  Modi. The instigator for women rape here, is a Minister and who killed 2500 innocents is the Prime Minister, My dear Ammi...............

What a great injustice. My dear Ammi...........Do you know the odor and the decaying breasts of mine and it is getting spoilt daily? How long do I have to endure this pain? Ammi, Please ask the God to send some angel from heaven to take me?

Like me, many of the women in the camp are struggling with pain.

Do you know  how I feel? When we go out, those who had raped me and distorted my genital pars start teasing us? How great is the pain and humiliation we experience every day?

Do you know how eager I am when the people who come to marry the young women here arrive? I was craving for a Prince to take me away from here? 

When I was a child sleeping on the left chest of Abba, you were also lying down on the right chest and used to tell Jin story. Daily, I wish for prince to come and save me, as what happened in those stories you told us. A prince who would bring me to those beautiful beaches. Now someone has come to take the ladies for marriage...................................... I wish today my prince has come………………………..


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