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Greece Lies Between a Rock and a Rock
by Leah Sellers
2015-07-05 10:46:02
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Greece, one of the original Harbingers of Democratic Thought is going through a very Rocky time right now.  Their Choices are as hard as immature, green Horse Apples and the flesh slicing, porous Lava Stones of Pompeii.
Why ?  Because the World Banks are wanting all Take and no Give.
First of all, as far as the World Banks are concerned, how dare the Greeks kick out the World Banks’ Chosen Leaders, and vote in their own !  How dare they Choose the Democratic Process of Voting in their own Leaders in order to try and figure out their Fiscal and Political Future !  Of all of the nervy Nerve !
We, the mighty, chest thumping (but in formal moderation) World Banks, don’t care that Greece has 60 % Unemployment .  We do not care that the majority of Greeks cannot bear even higher taxes than have already been required of them (to pay off old debt, rather than to improve the lot of the presently Living and help to dig Greece’s way out of the Money Trap they walked into years ago). 
oxi04_400We, the Austerity Seeking (for everyone, but ourselves) World Banks do not care that those receiving pensions will have to receive much less than the meager amounts they are already receiving now.  We do not care that many of those on pensions are having to support not only themselves, but their Young who are without Work and a Sense of Societal and Individual Purpose (and vulnerable to radicalization at this juncture in their unfortunate little Lives because of it) at this point in time.  We do not Care !  They are all Figures on Paper Leger Sheets or electrical, digitalized, ionized Clouds somewhere, and those figures are not Benefiting our bottom Line.
Don’t the Greeks know that the World Banks will call in all of their bad debts (accrued since the bad Politics and Fiscal decisions of the 1980’s - many directed and supervised by the World Banks and corrupt and greedy past Leaders themselves - oops !).  Don’t the Greeks realize that we Own Greece ?  That we own Them ?  That they owe their Souls to the Company Store ?  Don’t they ?  Those Pride-filled and hard-headed Greeks !
The World Banks don’t want Compassionate, Fair-Minded Democratic Liberals and Progressives, Socialists and/or Communists in control of any governments.  They are too focused on the Real Needs of the People, and not on the bottom line and greedy Needs of the World Banks, World Corporations and their bought and paid for Political and Judicial Cronies and Cohorts who have been working for a very long time to Own the Bodies and Souls of every Nation.  We, the World Banks, want to have total Control and Rule over all of the World’s Assets (even when they behave like stubbornly Set Asses - like the Greeks) !  How dare the Greeks oppose us and give their funny little Rebellious Ideas to all of the other Nations !  How dare they !
It is time for the World Banks to apply Rock to Rock pressure upon these lawless and rebellious Greeks !  How dare they not want to live in a permanent state of Oppressive Austerity, while we Fat Cats get oh so much Fatter off of the meat, bones and Fat of all of our Global Assets, and their progeny, and their progeny’s progeny !
There is real comfort in Owning things.  Don’t all of our Living Assets know that ?  They should be ecstatic to be under our Ownership of themselves and all that they think they possess (because, in actuality, We, the World Banks, possess it all) !
We have to get these unruly, staked and Scape-goated Greeks in line before this Rebellion catches fire, and becomes a Global Wild Fire !  We don’t care who you Vote in, you Greecian ungratefully Set Asses !  We will machinate the situation, and bully and shake and move and groove all of you with the Fear Monger Boogie !  We will refuse to give you any money at all, because, after all, it all belongs to us any way !
We will humiliate, undermine and eventually destroy the new Leftist government you Voted in, that is seeking an arrangement that Benefits everyone !  We will make your new leaders appear to be foolish and weak.  We will cause a Run on the Greek Banks !  We will show you all who has the real Power !  And the real Power belongs to the World Banks and World Corporations, because we have worked and struggled and manipulated for years to get this glorious Day of the Fiscal and World Bank/World Corporation Empires to Arise !  And we will not allow the Greeks to throw a monkey wrench into our well laid out
machinations !
So, get ready Greeks !  The Rock to Rock Crush has begun !  Pompeii will look like just another sunburned Day at the Beach by the time we’re done with you !

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