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The Final Solution: An Existential Extermination of Democratic Europe
by Nikos Laios
2015-07-04 12:26:59
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During World War Two, Nazi Germany enacted the 'final solution' to physically exterminate the Jewish people of Europe and in effect killing millions of Jewish people; and the new current EU 'Reich' through its control of the IMF/ECB is now enacting another callous 'final solution' not though ovens and gassing, but through the equally efficient tools of economic and political control where they are just as effectively existentially destroying the Greek people and other slave-debtor nations both morally and psychologically. Through their levers of imperial control of the IMF and the ECB, Greece is on the rack and is being stretched, is being set about as an example for other reticent Southern European nations who harbour any secret thoughts of not only regaining their currency, but of any full sovereign democratic independence that is the right of any nation.

The economic statistics regarding the EU, the badly designed and failed Euro currency and the European structural problems have been already been analysed and discussed ad nauseam throughout the media. So here we will focus on what was always the greater and more important overarching theme and that is; democracy, human dignity and the obvious failure of the current world power structures of politics and finance. Where the elite of the world run the world through the small prism of banking and political structures; and which in Europe's case is through the ECB, EU and IMF where Europe is run by a small mafia of European bureaucratic elite who run roughshod over the lives of ordinary European citizens like some Turkish pashas dictating every facet of their lives.

laios01_400The moment French and German dominance was imposed on the whole of Europe through the European Union and the shackling of nations to one Euro currency;  that was the moment that Europe was doomed to failure, the moment the national freedom and sovereignty of each nation was destroyed. It was the moment that spelled the doom of each individual European nation's cultures; how they express themselves, how they live, love, eat, sing and sleep; how they existentially express themselves. The Euro was meant to bring peace, happiness, prosperity and fraternity; whereas instead it has brought hunger, misery, death, shame, suicide and a profound unhappiness through the inability of each nation to be able to manage their own economies via their valuation/devaluation of their own currencies and interest rates. Where instead, nations attempt to run their daily lives by spending cuts and salary cuts which only achieves the goals of killing demand and thereby supply, and placing their economies in a death spiral.

Thus far, people have been lead to believe that the only issue to consider here is Greece and its debt profligacy, but in actual fact the real themes and issues are grander and far more profound.

Where in fact the real theme is the failure of the world banking/political elite through its mechanisms of banking systems/cartels and international political associations which have failed at enabling a just and equitable way for people in the world to live in peace and prosperity. Where there is a profound attack on the right of every citizen in developed first world nations of Europe to exercise their free wills and right to pursue happiness, peace, prosperity and self-determination.

Even though it has been internationally accepted that the EU is a failed experiment, that the Euro is a failed currency that the deflationary Germanic inspired austerity measures have failed miserably and only brought about misery and chaos. Where in Greece the GDP post the imposition of austerity measures shrunk by 25%, where unemployment and youth unemployment grew massively to cause a level of national depression akin to a nation under war. Where this policy failure is not only being failed to be acknowledged by the Germans and the other princelings of Brussels, but where they are now insisting on the imposition of even more of these same failed austerity measures.

The question as a Greek who lives overseas permanently now in Australia is what do other expatriate Greeks and Greek migrants think of what's happening back home? What are their views and their feelings regarding these matters? Being familiar with Greeks both in Australia and in the USA, this writer is well qualified to share a vignette of the thoughts and feelings of these Greeks, and the spectrum of their thoughts and feelings are both revelatory and surprising.

In Australia, Greeks have been migrating just after World War Two, leaving the misery of post-war Europe and coming to Australia with a vision of what Greece was/is that has warped over time as they spent the next few decades establishing their lives in Australia; but with one eye looking longingly back to their home country with a yearning to one day return. Now the children of these migrants have grown up - children who have never been to Greece or only returning for a brief holiday - having a warped view of what it is to be Greek and even considering that they are indeed more Greek than the Greeks back in Greece. As a Greek who grew up in Greece in the formative years and now living in Australia - of being a citizen of both nations - the view is quite different.

For the Greeks in Australia and the U.S. have changed, and where the Greeks back in Greece have and always will be the authentic Greeks and this point is important in considering immigrant Greeks' viewpoints.

As Greeks slowly adapted and assimilated to the psychology and culture of their new home countries, they absorbed many of the features of their home new countries. Their psychology and the minutiae of daily life, of the fiscal and monetary habits of their new nations. In the current situation in Greece, Greeks here in Australia and the U.S. are distinctly split in two camps. The one camp which I belong to of Greeks who have lived in Greece and Europe, and who are intimate with the tapestry of the culture and contemporary European history. Then one has the other camp of Greeks who are venomously critical of Greece and who are at most times in their criticisms of Greece in public forums, conversations and indeed even in the comments sections at the bottom of online newspaper articles of major Australian newspapers actually revel and enjoy the fact that Greece is suffering, and revel with joy at the pain and suffering the Greeks are suffering because they think they deserve it.

Where this writer can attest this through reading their actual comments which are so vile that they cannot be printed here. These Greeks also harbour a limited intellectual and political acumen and knowledge, where they are still stuck in the outdated and antiquated political landscape of twentieth century Europe. A world that was divided though the left/right wing shades of politics that split the world during the Cold War pitting capitalists against communists. Where these Greeks today will vote either the left wing or right wing of politics. Yet as most sophisticated people in Europe know now, both capitalism and communism as theories have failed, where communism first failed, and now capitalism is now miserably failing. So as philosophies, both are moribund and defunct, except for the Greeks in Australia and the U.S. Where in respect to the financial crisis in Greece, these diaspora Greeks are either supporting the Greek left wing Labour party of PASOK, or the right wing party of New Democracy. Two parties in Greece that have both been found wanting and are corrupt, and that were in cahoots with the elite of Europe and guilty of milking the Greek people over the last forty years. Whereby this helps to explain the exasperation of the Greek people and why they elected Syriza.

laios02_400Indeed Syriza are a mixture of radical parties - but this is beside the point - the Greek people did not vote Syriza because of their radicalism, but because for once they offered the people an authentic government willing to champion and fight for the rights and dignity of their people; and this is what the Greeks of Australia and the U.S fail to understand. All those 'Steves', 'Cons', 'Jims' and 'Nicks' balancing their lattes while they watch the Fox News. All out of touch and ill-informed with the international and geopolitical news outside of the postcodes of their suburbs; and this is the reality unfortunately of the mindset and psychology of a large majority of Greeks living overseas.

While back to the reality in Greece, the debt the Greece has accrued was a private debt that was made public. Where the German north accrued a surplus due to the fact its products where cheaper to sell due to the new Euro currency, and where it sold its products to the poorer Southern European nations and then gave these Southern European nations cheap loans from the German surplus, so that the Southern Europeans can then buy even more of these same German products on credit!

Where now they demand that these debts be paid back and where 90% of IMF/ECB loans to Greece would in fact be paid straight back to the IMF/ECB. Where only a small fraction of this money would be used to actually stimulate the Greek economy so that demand, supply and consumption can grow and thereby enable Greece to increase its trade surplus and therefore be able to service its obligations in a better manner.

Yet even though austerity has been shown to have failed, even though austerity has caused misery and failure right across the Eurozone; the Germans through the EU IMF/ECB ruling elite are now attempting to force more austerity measures on Greece because it is demanded by German tax payers. Where they are afraid that if Greece fails and potentially threatens the future of the Euro - where the Germans thereby profit from it so much - that by making a public example of Greece and using it as a scapegoat and punishing it through interfering in national sovereignty and democracy are attempting a Coup D' etat to change the Greek government. Where this was done a few years ago when the former Greek Prime Minister Papandreou was engineered out of office by the German/IMF elite when he proposed a referendum. The same is now being attempted this week with Tsipras when he announced a referendum for 5th July when the ECB turned off financial liquidity to Greek banks, which thereby caused the imposition of capital controls.

Where this is the most shameful moment in European history, where EU nations have acquiesced under the yoke of the Euro for an illusory promised prosperity, and the question is then asked why did the people of Europe go for the Euro? This writer remembers when the Euro was first proposed and introduced, where Southern Europeans would state "now we can have a real currency". Where these Europeans embraced the currency because they thought that this new currency would suddenly solve all of their problems, where all the pan-European structural problems would be swept away, but that has not happened.

Then the other question has to arise, why do so many Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Portuguese still cling and want to remain in the Euro currency and exhibit a fear when talk of leaving the currency comes up? It is the fear of the unknown, and the same fear that caused them to initially embrace the Euro currency as a panacea. That they choose to cling to something that is so dysfunctional and deleterious to their own economies because the alternative is alien and fearful.

That even though they know deep down inside that the only answer is the rejection of the Euro and the adoption of their former currencies - which would make their economies more competitive - they choose out of fear to stick to the Euro with all the subjugation and debt-slavery that it entails, and the loss of national and political sovereignty, and democratic freedom.

This week started with the promise of a spark, of a revolutionary fire that could spark in Greece and spread to the rest of Europe through the brave defiance of Tsipras and Varoufakis; but where through the cruel behaviour of the international creditors midweek, Tsipras is being twisted under duress to make a turnaround and accept the austerity measures that they initially rejected.

Whether Syriza is in power next week is irrelevant, but what is relevant is that the IMF/ECB have lost their reputation, and the cruelty of the German north has been unmasked. Most Greeks and Southern Europeans if asked ten years ago what Europe meant to them would have responded with a utopian answer of happiness and prosperity. Whereas if asked now what Europe means to them, they would respond with misery and austerity. In Greece at the moment unemployment is 25%, youth unemployment is 50%, and where 50% of pensioners live under the poverty level; and this is causing an increase in human misery and suffering and where the appeal of Europe is waning.

Yet the hope in Greece lies in its youth where because of the fact that they are suffering 50% unemployment; the youth feels that they have nothing to lose and they mostly this week intend to vote no (OXI) in the upcoming referendum. Where if the no vote does not succeed now, they will succeed one day for they are the future of Europe; and where they are unfortunately living this 'bright' future of Europe right now. Where even if Greece next week acquiesces under even further austerity measures, Greece will suffer decades of misery where economists calculate that even with applied austerity, by 2030 - 2040 will still have a debt to GDP of 118%, which even then will be untenable.

In the finality of it all, the real villain in this saga has been the IMF/ECB/Germany; for in trying to protect their hegemony and the primacy of the EU/Euro through the application of punishing austerity on Europe; in the punishing of recalcitrant nations that threaten to rebel; in the sowing the seeds of the doubt in the young and ordinary Europeans of the vision of Europe. What is happening in Greece is only the beginning, for there are the upcoming Portuguese and Spanish elections, and then Italian and other European elections in the future. For with a 25% unemployment across Southern Europe and the creation of a new hitherto unknown pauper class, the European people will not take this for long and will eventually rebel and revolt.

Yet for the moment, the free citizens of Southern Europe are being existentially gassed, existentially exterminated by this 'fiscal final solution' being applied by the new EU 'Reich' elite. Some might find the obvious historical pun odious here; but what is even more odious to this writer and other good people of conscience is the treatment of the Greek (and other Southern European) people which is causing death, suicide, poverty and misery. If Greece acquiesces next week to the Troika, it will be to the great shame of this writer as a Greek, but an even a greater shame of the EU/IMF elite and Germans; and a shame which will eventually be their own kiss-of-death.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-07-04 13:37:09
Indeed Nikos, the real choice on Sunday will be between democracy and greed, or perhaps between ignorance and knowledge. You have identified the crux of the crisis in as much as you have pointed out that the real losers in any financial crisis are the poor and the underprivileged who at the end of the crisis have to pay the piper and experience hunger and indignity. The rich, as usual, have already placed their wealth in foreign banks, and they pay little if any taxes. Those are the very bank who are now dictating to a sovereign nation in the name of a another uber-nation that hypocritically claims solidarity among its members. If I may use a more familiar American example, how to explain the reason why so many people throng the rallies of presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and applaud enthusiastically? Not because he has been a declared independent and socialist for most of his political career, but because he puts on the table the unvarnished truth which is this, that much of the profits of the wealthy do not come from wealthy corporations but from interests on credit cards distributed to the poor who become in effect slaves for life to their debt. A good number of them end up in bankruptcy, but seven years later they start all over. And so we end up with 1% of the population owning more than 50% of a nation’s wealth. Indeed, even in a capitalistic system one cannot fool all the people all the time. Eventually people put two and two together and revolt against an unfair greedy system. On Sunday we will see if enough people in Greece have understood this phenomenon of the rich getting rich from the exploitation and manipulation of the poor; a phenomenon this which goes on not only on an individual level but at a collective international level among nations, as the Greek crisis amply shows. This explanation is course as old as Marx in the 19th century, but people will have to show on Sunday that they have understood the rigged game, and then history will render its verdict.

Nikos Laios2015-07-05 01:49:53
The left/right wing political movements that underpinned the 20th century have failed; they are antiquated philosophies which have lost their relevance. Communism first failed and now capitalism is badly failing.On OXI vote is not a vote for anyone of these movements, but a vote for something new; a vote for a new humanism, a vote for decency, a vote for true democracy to unshackle the chains of servitude of greed and money that binds the common man to the IMF/ECB/EU bureaucratic elite, for the human being to be placed as the central measure of civilisation and society again, and not the Euro/dollar.For Protagoras stated it well: "Man is the measure of all things".

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