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Hillary is in it to win!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-22 08:38:49
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In Ovi magazine, sometimes serious, occasionally with a humorous feeling, we have often written that it is about time for the superpower to have a woman president and, with a real twist of luck, Sen. Hillary Clinton has announced her intentions to be a candidate in the next American presidential elections emphasizing that “I’m in it to win!”

The twist and the irony come from the idea that for a second time a Clinton is coming to rescue America from a Bush; it's like a script from a comic with superheroes. Bill Clinton came to save America from the financial disaster Bush senior had led them into and Hillary Clinton is coming to save America from…well, the list is too long and the space too small, but, most of all, she has to save America’s dignity outside and inside the borders of the superpower.

At the same time, a feeling of relief came, at least there is a chance that something will change, probably nothing much. America will still be there powerful looking only for her interests, but perhaps, only perhaps, there might be a little more understanding that this globe’s center is not in Washington D.C. and they might, just might, do something not to cause any more problems, since over the last seven years their involvement on the international scene has not had fruitful results.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has one advantage for sure: she has her husband on her side to remind the Americans of the good days and in those good days you can include even the entertainment that the former president shared so ungrudgingly from his saxophone tunes to his cigars’ tuning! Most of all people felt secure under his confident style, proving that secure is not only showing off your new nuclear weapons and demolishing Iraq or threatening Iran and Syria. Security comes in the reassurance that there will be a better tomorrow and that there are people who will take care of unemployment, health and education.

The proof that she brings hope is shown through the way Americans deal with her. Sen. Hillary Clinton has always been Hillary; she’s been called that ever since her first day and has an air of familiarity, which is something she inherited from Bill. He was never William or anything else, - not many even know his full name is William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton. Nobody ever called George W. Bush with his first name, except the cartoonists when they wanted to be sarcastic.

Bush never crossed the line to become the president of the people for the people. He always was and is faraway hiding behind the wall his name has built. He was always George W. Bush with the 'W' often emphasized, so there was no confusion with his mild and stale father George Bush senior.

Over the next year she will unveil her policy and her program, actually, she doesn’t need to say much more other than that she will bring an end to the Bush era. That will be enough after eight years of increasing numbers of unemployment and insecurity. She has to deal with an opponent from inside the Democratic Party opponent first, the Afro-American senator Barack Obana, but Sen. Obana is too progressive for the Americans after eight years with George W. Bush and he will definitely make a better Vice-President to keep the balance with the more conservative Hillary as candidate; this wouldn't scare the American constituency.

Except that Hillary has to be a continuation to Bill’s program, she also has to improve relations with Europe or at least bring them to the level Bill had brought them and they were the best for decades. She has to follow the road he started for the Middle East and, most of all, she has to continue what Bill had said that only all together we will manage to overcome the crises and the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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