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Referendum against the Europe of the united banks and corporations
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-06-27 08:54:09
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At last, an honest and brave move. The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, called for a referendum next week - Sunday July 5th - questioning the Greek people if they are determine to stay in the Eurozone under any cost.

refe01_400For seven years Greece has faced every humiliation and inhuman measure that instead of helping increased the problem to 200%. Seven years after and with all the supposedly expert measures from the IMF and the Central European Bank, the Greek debt has climbed from 175 billion euros to 315 billion euros. In the meantime over 1,500,000 people are unemployed, – over the third of the Greek labour power – 70% of people under 25 have no hope to find a job, salaries and pensions have dropped to 40%, leaving more than 60% of the Greek population in the limits of poverty.

300,000 people live thanks to NGOs and the Greek Church. And these are only the ones we know of; not knowing how many others live thanks to friends and family. In a case you didn’t get it, I repeat, 300,000 people lack basic food and survive thanks to meals from NGOs and the church.

20,000 homeless only in Athens. Families with kids and babies live in parks. No food, no house, no future. Since 2009, 10,000 people have commit suicide. If nothing else has socked you this number should have devastate you.

And from these people the IMF, the ECB and the European partners demand more sacrifices so Greece can pay back a debt they doubled with their mistakes.

The argument that there are other countries in Europe where their citizens get smaller salaries and pensions and they are poorer than the Greeks is not naïve, is criminally stupid. Because there are poorer we must all be poor? How does this count? Would ever Merkel dare say to the German pensioners that it will be a 40% cut of their already decreased by 60% pensions because Bulgarians and Romanians are getting small pensions? How stupid are the people who use these arguments? Well the answer lies inside the Eurozone economic ministers’ council and the IMF.

The Greek prime minister doesn’t transform the responsibility to the people, he is NOT calling the people to decide for something he failed to accomplish through negotiations, for failing to persuade the creditors. This argument is at least naïve. The Greek MP wants to understand where the red lines of the Greek people stand. The other side has often used the argument that the Greek people don’t want to leave euro. Well, the time has come to find out how much they are willing to sacrifice for a euro that destroys them.

But the best part is that Greece will NOT leave the Eurozone. This is not the question and it can never be, because there is NO legislate background for a euro-exit. Period. Even a bankruptcy - as I explained in an article last Saturday – it will happen within Eurozone. There is no legal way to kick Greece out of the euro, there is no way for a Grexit. So whatever happens will happen inside the Eurozone.

And inside Eurozone now they have to see beyond the rates of the euro but through the numbers of the dead, the homeless, the unemployed and the poor. And the numbers are devastating.

Greeks have to decide if they want to compromise with a Eurozone like it is today, inhuman and servant to banks, corporations and private interests or they want something to change from inside. There is NO question if the Greeks want to be members in the Eurozone or not. Doesn’t matter what they say, they cannot kick Greece out of the Eurozone. What they can do is destroy Greece financially for purely revenge reasons but risking the same time to destroy the whole Eurozone and their own countries.

I know that most of you have already read headlines that talk about the end of Greece, the destruction of the Greek people from a leftish rebel and the end of the world. WRONG. The Greek people will definitely go through some really difficult times – and they do so the last seven years – but the same time they have started a fire in Europe that might change the Europe of the united banks and corporations to the Europe of its citizens.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-06-27 12:17:09
What obtains in today’s issue of Ovi are three genres, an essay, a poem, and a cartoon by three Greeks (Thanos Kalamidas, Nikos Laios, and Thanos Raftopoulos) but one crucial overarching theme, a sort of mini-symposium, so to speak: the ongoing plight and suffering of the Greek people. It surely makes for a stimulating juxtaposition. Indeed, sometimes disparate genres carry on a dialogue among each other when they appear together, if only implicitly. Here, for all their worth, are some thoughts that jumped to mind as I read, viewed and pondered them. Rebellion always provokes change and turmoil but is sometimes necessary. Nikos has often used in this regard the Biblical metaphor of Samson bringing down the house thus killing himself and all the Philistines. We must remember of course that the Philistines sent Dalila to seduce him first and cut his hair to render him powerless. The seductress may be construed as the allure of money and power. Eventually the hair grew back and Samson was strong enough to bring down the house that kept him in chains. I suppose the Philistines are the bankers and the corporations mentioned in Thanos Kalamidas’s essay and the house is the Euro-zone. Samson could be a metaphor for the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras who has proposing a referendum for next week which may well bring down the house. He may have heard the voice the rebellious Washington who said that "those are the times that try men's souls." Then there is the highly suggestive cartoon of Thanos Raftapoulos which may at first sight appear iconoclastic and not fitting in very well, but on second thought, it ultimately portrays a very sad situation of desperate means for desperate times. A choice needs to be made and it will probably be not pleasant. Rebellions and revolutions are not pleasant events and involve pain and even even tragedy, but they prove necessary at times to cleanse the accumulated and ingrained corruption of a polity. Lest we forget, it was in Greece that democracy began, it may well be in Greece that the corrupt politicians may kill democracy as we know it and institute the authoritarian regime of the banks and corporations. Had they revealed their intentions all along the whole process may have been painful but transparent and honest. As it is, they continue to bring gifts but then they proclaim with Homer “beware of the Greeks carrying gifts” when in reality they are the ones carrying corrupt gifts. That kind of unmasking may be the only silver lining of a situation wherein mediocre politicians have hypocritically proclaimed ideals of solidarity and cooperation on paper but have practiced greed and selfish power politik and wherein everybody will be the loser. These are just meandering thoughts but eventually History will render the final verdict. It always does.

Murray Hunter2015-06-29 13:31:57
It doesn't matter what happens within the next few weeks or months. It doesn't matter whether Greece can legally exit the Eurozone or not. This is the beginning of the end for the EU as we know this dammed experiment of taking each countries culture away and imposing the dual dominance of Germany and France over the region. The Greek people have suffered due to having their hands tied behind their backs over a single currency the Euro. Its time for sense to prevail and Greece reintroduce its own currency once again to be free of monetary control from outside which has wrecked it.

Destroy Greece and you destroy Europe as we know it.

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