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We live in a world lacking generosity. It's so easy to do something about it.
by Kittirat Yothangrong
2015-06-20 11:17:00
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One of the interesting things of live, is that from the moment of birth, every form of life wants something, be it a plant, animal, or human infant. As we grow, we want the latest clothes, the latest technological mod-cons, the best food, and love and affection from others. The latest generation wants a 'pin-up' partner, yet still wants their parents to support them. We have learnt how to take everything we can get out of life in proportions never seen before.

gene01Today our minds are full of wants. This dominates us, as we always think about what we feel we need and can't live without. It's like a continual hunger that we can never satisfy.

We have forgotten giving. We have forgotten about others. We consume, we take timber from the earth and don't replace it, we take the fish from the seas until they have become scarce, and we have polluted the earth to the point that the balance of sustainability maybe tipping.

If we try and quantify this, our society takes everything and only giving back 1-5%. There is a great deficit which is destroying not only our sense of humanity but the earth as well.

A life without giving is a life that exists within a barren landscape. It's a life where the plants and trees receive no water. A dry life without happiness and contentment.

The interesting thing is that reversing this is very easy. It's not about parting with money. Many parts of the world are rich enough and don't need money.

Generosity is about giving part of yourself to the world.

The world needs generosity to survive.

Being generous is about getting up in the morning and watering the plants, feeding the animals, helping your parents, and giving a smile to the neighbor. These are gifts that money can't buy. It takes a decisive thought to do this.

See the world today, particularly in many of the large cities, life is starved, where nobody smiles, nobody cares about how others are feeling. We have created rich societies, but the souls of those within them are as dry as the desert.

When one understands that giving makes you feel so rich, it becomes very easy to give. If these small actions were taken by everyone, the world would be such a different place.


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Emanuel Paparella2015-06-20 11:31:53
Indeed, Aristotle used to call it magnanimity, the generosity of the great soul... He must be turning in his grave at the sight of the small myopic souls and intellects who claim to be our exemplary leaders.

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