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Forget me not
by Katerina Charisi
2015-06-03 10:23:12
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lola0000000003_400Forget me not

I‘ve been waiting for her, but she forgot about me. She keeps forgetting me. But it’s not her fault, I started forgetting a lot and it makes her mad. I forget what she tells me and she doesn’t like repeating herself, but I remember that when she was a little girl she used to forget too, and I was telling her the same thing again and again until she learns it. I can’t walk with her anymore and she doesn’t like to drag me around. I’m afraid to go out by my own, maybe I forget the way back home. But I remember that when she was little, I hold her hand till she learns to walk. It’s not that bad that she forgets me. It makes me feel sad that I can’t remember her anymore.


Μη με λησμόνει

Την περιμένω να έρθει, όμως πάλι με ξέχασε. Τον τελευταίο καιρό όλο με ξεχνάει. Δε φταίει όμως εκείνη, έχω αρχίσει ξεχνάω πολλά και θυμώνει. Ξεχνάω τα όσα μου λέει και δεν της αρέσει που πρέπει να τα επαναλάβει, όμως θυμάμαι πως όταν ήταν μικρή κι εκείνη ξεχνούσε και της τα έλεγα ξανά και ξανά, χωρίς να θυμώνω στιγμή. Τώρα δεν μπορώ πια να κάνουμε βόλτες όπως παλιά κι εκείνης δεν της αρέσει να με σέρνει. Φοβάμαι μόνη να βγω, μην τυχόν και ξεχάσω το δρόμο για πίσω. Όμως θυμάμαι πως όταν ήταν μικρή, από το χέρι την κρατούσα για να της μάθω να περπατάει. Δε με πειράζει τόσο που με ξεχνά. Με πειράζει που άρχισα πια να μην τη θυμάμαι.


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Emanuel Paparella2015-06-03 11:31:28
Ah, that is the paradox of the literary genre dubbed “short story”: the shorter the story, the more it concentrates meaning in a few well crafted and lucid sentences, the more likely to attract and keep the attention of the readers while impacting their imagination. As Giovanni Verga, one of the greatest short story writers in Italian literature, founder of “verismo,” aptly put it: a short story should never reveal its author’s hand, it should concentrate all the essentials of an event in a few sentences, and appear to have written itself. Indeed!

Alan2015-06-03 16:41:13
Lots to think in one paragraph. Excellent

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