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Some company Some company
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-01-29 11:28:19
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Inside the ruined shadows
Of a smoky corner bar
A lady sips the darkness
That surrounds a fallen star.

Then she wanders to the end
Of a string of broken hearts
And asks the lonesome stranger
For a light against the dark.

In a world of lonely dreams
Where stars are never seen
She’s a missing refugee
Searching for some company.

On a barstool next to hers

From a sip that might inspire
The stranger strikes a match
While he checks out her desires.

"Hey Baby, tell me your name.
Your place or mine, let’s decide.
Why Baby, what’s so confusing?
Love or lust, it’s all just the same."

Near the morning side of night
With a need for some lost wife
He’s a missing refugee
Searching for some company.

So on a frozen sheet of lies
He sparks on his full sire
While the lady sees the moon
And dreams of her desires.

From a dirty morning room
Where schemes are lost or born
He wanders out the door
And slams her heart in scorn.

But for just one passing night
They simply compromised
And love is still a refugee
Who shared some company.

If for just one night...

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