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Sacrificing Finnish democracy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-05-09 11:05:51
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In one of the most dramatic moments of the Greek epos “Iliad”, king Agamemnon sacrifices his beloved daughter, Iphigenia so the ancient gods would allow the Greek ships to sail and attack Troy, in the name of cheated Menelaus and his lost honour. Most likely Homer would have been insulted with my cynic explanation, but the fact is that a girl was sacrificed for a really pathetic reason.

So the question is not only about the sacrifice per se, but also about the reasoning of the sacrifice. Sacrifice is an act of barbarism or a sign of honour. Millions of people have sacrificed their lives, their safety or even their families safe being all through history in the name of democracy, the name of freedom or for their dignity. And despite the fact that the majority of these people will remain for ever anonymous, their act is honoured in the coincidence of the people forever. If Homer hadn’t composed this magnificent epos truth is that nobody would ever remember the girl that was violently sacrificed because of her cheated uncle. Actually most see it as just a small part of the whole epos, denying the barbarism of the actual act.

Finally while there is acceptance, understanding and honour in sacrificing for democracy and freedom, is any honour in sacrificing democracy and freedom? Especially when you doing so in the name of private banks, private interests and private agendas?

The Finnish Centre Party’s (Keskusta) Prime Minster to be, Juha Sipilä, has made clear from the beginning that his main aim is the recovery of the failing Finnish economy and he has also made it clear from the beginning that to do so he is willing for any kind of sacrifice. Yesterday he did his first, probably his major. He announced that in the new coalition that going to govern Finland, his partners are: the Conservative Party (Kokoomus) and the fascist, xenophobic and racist True/Pure Finns. His first move into recovering Finnish economy, was to sacrifice the Finnish democracy.

finl01_400Now after the first hours’ numbness everybody says: “Wait and see, being in government changes things.” I’m sorry you are all wrong. I have already seen. Democracy is all about principles and if you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand what democracy is about. Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of moving as you wish, right to health and education, equal rights to all humans, genders, colours, sexuality, religion, believes are among others fundamental principles for democracy. The only thing that has changed with the True/Pure Finns the last few of years, is the amount of lies they use to cover their real agenda.

When you make a partnership with a party which rejects most of the democratic principles and has no respect to all of them, then you violate your own principals. Mr Juha Sipilä violated all the democratic values the moment he sat down with Timo Soini and started talking with him the possibility of a partnership. Excuses like “for the good of the nation”, “in the interest of national unity” are just alibies to cover the absolute corruption of democracy. For the good of the nation you don’t partner with the enemy of the people and their right to democracy. Mr Juha Sipilä has done exactly the same mistake Von Papen did in 1934 in Germany. He became the alibi to a criminal organization with a fascist background to invade and gradually destroy democracy.

I’m not saying that Finland will become the centre of a WWIII or that Timo Soini is the new Hitler (even if he wishes to be), what I’m saying is that the damage the entrance of a far-right xenophobic, nationalistic and basically fascist party in the Finnish government, with the power to legislate and decide in critical sectors of the Finnish life and undoubted consequences to a whole Union, will open wounds that will take decades to heal even if this partnership finishes in a few months.

I’m saying that Juha Sipilä has open Pandora’s Box and he cannot control what is coming out of it. I’m saying that Pandora’s Box is open and all this “they will change” or “they will not dare” is nothing more than denial in front of the truth. The truth that the True/Pure Finns denied to the Finnish people and that’s why they voted them. The truth most of the Finnish political parties denied to everybody including themselves, comfortable in their own urban myths about the perfect Finnish democracy and that let a fascist party to climb from the nonexistence of the less than 1% to the unbelievable 17% and the second place in the Finnish parliament.

The truth that what Mr Sipilä in this partnership has sacrificed Finland’s most valuable possession and there is NO wait and see if it is so bad. Finland became overnight from the country that champions transparency into the country that corrupted democracy and is all responsibility of one man.

Personally I feel very sad for what happens to Finland and I feel even sadder with the fact that this 57% that supported and supports a government with a fascist partner (for whatever reason) will not see or live the real consequences of their actions it is the others, the ones who tried and will try to protect the Finnish democracy that will pay and the paycheque will be really high.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-05-09 17:20:13
Indeed Thanos, Iphigenia’s sacrifice to the gods certainly hints at the fact that the gods were rather capricious and unpredictable, built in the image of men and women…; but what is even more intriguing, and perhaps relevant to the current situation in Europe generally, in Homer’s Iliad is Cassandra’s warning, utterly ignored by the Trojans who were also intent in appeasing and pleasing the gods, which eventually led to Troy’s demise. From what you write, it appears that the Finns while intent on retaining the trappings of democracy are in the process of ignoring and betraying it; which is to say, by ignoring Cassandra’s warning they will eventually discover that tragically they have lost not only democracy but liberty too.

Marx proverbially said that those who don’t remember their history are condemned to repeat it; and somebody else, whose name escapes me at the moment, added “and the second time as a farce.”

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