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by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-01-13 10:30:42
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President Bush's sternly worded warning to Iran and Syria that the United States' new strategy in Iraq could include action against them sent shockwaves across Capitol Hill today, prompting pointed questions for top administration policymakers.

Shockwaves, now? And what short of waves have they had for the last eight years?


An Air Force staff sergeant who posed nude for Playboy magazine has been relieved of her duties while the military investigates, officials said Thursday.

The reality of the forces…nude!!! In the future, the American army will send copies of Playboy to Iraq instead of soldiers!!!


A new German comedy film about Adolf Hitler treads on dangerous ground and could inadvertently lead to increased anti-Semitism, said a top Jewish leader.

How? Showing how pathetic he was?


The head of US spying operations says the leaders of al-Qaeda have found a secure hideout in Pakistan from where they are rebuilding their strength.

Rebuilding and al-Qaeda? How can these two words be together in the same sentence?


David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.

The man decided to play football in the only field they will appreciate his only talent: pretending to play football!


China will have 30 million more men of marriageable age than women by 2020, making it difficult for them to find wives, according to a national report.

No comment! Gentlemen about time to go to China for…tourism!!!


A new report published in a leading medical journal suggests China is seeing alarming and rising rates of the sexually transmitted disease, syphilis.

Again no comment… just, does this news have anything to do with the one above?


A Nigerian high court has sentenced a Lagos preacher to death by hanging for setting fire to members of his congregation, killing one woman.

He only wanted to show them what hell looks like!


David Beckham insists his move to LA Galaxy is not financially driven.

Oh, please! This is really bad acting!!!


Rwanda has demanded that France arrest the wife of its former President Juvenal Habyarimana on charges she was involved in the 1994 genocide. Mrs Habyarimana has said that she and her relatives have been made scapegoats for the killing of some 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

That’s a new one! Genocide, family business!


Cisco Systems is suing Apple for trademark infringement in a US federal court, for using the iPhone name.

What? They didn’t call them?


Beckham added: "I want to take soccer in the US to another level. I think it can go higher in America than anyone can believe."

You are the right man, David! How nice it would be if you knew how to play football as well!


After Berlusconi, Beckham!!! My heroes!!!

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