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O tempora o ...illegal mores
by Thanos Kalamidas
2015-04-25 09:31:38
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For the women, young children and men who died last week in the shores of the Mediterranean Sea there was no Mohammed or Christ. There was absolutely nothing to protect them and defend them. And now they are dead there will be nobody to talk for them. They are in mass graves numbered carefully - nobody has a name - while officials all around the world will talk about the illegal immigration issue.

And please don’t misunderstand me, I suppose there will be thousands “likes” in Facebook and hashtags with tears in twitter, but soon all of them will be replaced with the latest Kim photo shooting.

The same time a British tabloid suggested that the European members with navy in the Mediterranean boarders of the Union should shoot and sink the boats of illegal immigrants – again this word – when they reach EU waters, Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem is worrying what will happen with the European Banks if a Grexit happens and GOP in States tries to hold its supporters in case they waste all their hate against Hillary too early.

These people even dead are dehumanized and targeted as criminals labelled very conveniently “illegal immigrants” from a humanity that all through its history has only been illegal immigrant. Semantics but I suppose when you conquer slaughtering whole populations to just some hundreds to colonize that is legal immigration and when you enslave populations is economic growth. What else did I miss?

There is a cartoon box in one of the stories of the famous Uderzo - Cosini cartoon, Asterix the Gaul. There is a foreigner visiting the hero’s village and one of the villagers says: “I don’t mind foreigners, I love foreigners; I think they are very nice these foreigners. As long they stay in their country.”

But what happens when these foreigners ask for help? What happens when they remind you how lucky you are because you have somehow insured that this will never happen to you? Or at least you believe so. Dehumanize them, label them illegal immigrants and let them burry in numbered mass graves. At least the lucky ones.  

Do you know what’s the real difference, between a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant? No is not a status in Facebook or the right to public services. Because when somebody is running for his or her life – most important when this he or she is a child – every state, organization and institution is by law obliged to help doesn’t matter if there is a birth certificate or not. Even the supermarkets are obliged by law to feed the hungry and penniless, this is a law they always “forget” to mention. The only difference between a legal and an illegal immigrant is the taxes office. The states, the governments cannot tax somebody who is not in their system.

I presume the argument is that if you are not in the system how can I help. Feed first, make sure that the person has settler and protection and then you adjust your system. That’s how it works.  And if your system was not prepared for this situation then it is you who is in fault and not the hungry and the running.

The number of refugees you see announced by states, organizations and institutions is an estimate. This minute there are hundreds big or small fires all around the world. Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, DR Congo, Somalia just to start with. Nobody knows the real numbers and who knows where the millions running away from Syria and Iraq this minute will go. I doubt if they are planning to go to Afghanistan, Pakistan or Erdogan’s Turkey; they are looking for safety and protection, they are all heading for the Mediterranean. Where they think that settler and protection awaits for them. What awaits for them is a lot of likes on photos with dead bodies. Perhaps if they had a Facebook page in their new iPad, they wouldn’t feel so illegal immigrants!

In the photos that follow, you can see the drama of the people. There are no illegal immigrants among them! Only humans.














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Emanuel Paparella2015-04-25 14:11:13
Indeed, Thanos, Illegal immigrants, refugees, migrant workers, foreigners, extra-communitarians, illegal settlers, and the list goes on and on; these are all legal designations that hide or deny the basic humanity and the inalienable rights of those who are found to be “undesirable,” unwelcome and not useful in the savagely capitalistic world of finances, celebrities, privilege, and the “dolce vita,” in what is fast becoming fortress Europe anxiously protecting its wealth and privileges and "life-style" while closing its heart to the downtrodden and the unfortunate; a short-sighted approach to the global problem of poverty, if there ever was one. For where there is no justice one cannot expect peace for rich or poor alike. We ought to have learned that much from the past history of colonialism and imperialism culminating with two world wars and genocide. Alas, those who don’t remember their history are bound to repeat it and eventually learn the lesson the hard way, the very hard way. That much can be safely predicted.

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