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Exhilarating exhibitions
by The Ovi Team
2007-01-12 12:28:42
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Every day Ovi magazine publishes four new pieces of writing, but did you know that we also offer those who are skilled with a camera, a paintbrush or Adobe Photoshop the chance to exhibit their work free of charge?

The Ovi Exhibitions section is home to photography, illustrations, cartoons and PDFs, but is flexible enough to encompass any other artistic stylings that future contributors may wish to submit - perhaps audio and video in the future.

A personal favourite of the Ovi team is 'The Doors' selection. Everybody now knows that 'ovi' is Finnish for 'door', which is why we sent out a general request for photographs of doors around the world. The response from our readers was incredible, with them filling our Inboxes with modern, traditional, big, small, wide and narrow doors that had caught their eye. The section now contains almost fifty different doors, including a few surreal entries, and is still open for submissions. If you have a photo of a door, then please email it to submissions@ovimagazine.com.

Before Ovi became a daily magazine in September 2006, we only produced monthly themed issues, such as 2005's #8 'Food'. For that issue we were sent a collection of vibrant and stylish food photographs from the lens of Linda Lane. The shots were so good that we decided to include them in Exhibitions under 'Linda Lane's Food Photography' allowing everybody to enjoy them in full.

The global reach of Ovi is reflected through the photographic contributions of George Sou's photos of Greece and Ricardo Baez-Duarte's rich photos of Los Diablos de Yare, a folk religious festivity of Corpus Christi held in Yare, a town one-hour from Caracas, Venezuela.

'Flying the Roam' is a phenomenon begun in 1998 and continued by Ovi's Asa Butcher, which features an acquaintance passing in the background looking into the camera. Everybody seems to have at least one photo of a stranger, in mid-stride, looking into the lens, so this was actually recreated. If you still fully understand, then check out the collection of pictures.

'Christophe Berthoud Mini Show' certainly is a mini show, but the two illustrations presented are particularly sweet and we can hope that this Swiss/English illustrator will submit a few more in the future. 'Nic Mepham's Illustrations' has recently been updated with two PDF poems alongside his brilliant Angels Trilogy. Check it out.

Exhibitions is free for everybody and anybody to contribute a set of photographs, illustrations or any series that the Ovi readers may find interesting. Please contact us for more information: submissions@ovimagazine.com

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