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Daughter of the antichrist
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 4
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Shut Up
Kelly Osbourne
Sony Music, 2002
I never really liked Ozzy and Black Sabbath, and the only reason I have a record of them is just to say that I have at least one record from every rock group. They lasted three decades until MTV made a reality show with the Osbourne family, then I totally enjoyed it; I even bought another record of Ozzy, without the Sabbath this time, and MTV’s record, with the songs from the show.

The record in question includes songs from Frank Sinatra singing the opening theme tune of the show to Ozzy himself, and finally a song with his daughter, Kelly. Kelly is the spoilt rich kid who can do everything she likes under the protection of her father’s fame and money. The certain song was Madonna’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, a song that talks about a lot of issues, surprisingly for somebody like Madonna, and made me think that I might have been unfair to her.

So, after three years in the reality show The Osbournes, the little girl of the family, Kelly made a full record, Shut up, with 12 songs. My first reaction when I heard it was that it will be many Madonna covers and I have no idea why I found myself having the record.

Here we are ladies and gentlemen with the new ‘I wanna be Courtney Love’, straight from the bat-eater antichrist’s garden. Listening to all the songs for the first time I had the sense that they were all the same. The same guitar solos, with no imagination, and the same hysterical little girl, which somehow reminded me a lot of Avril Lavigne and that was a bit….hmmm!

The second time I heard the record, with a couple of days break in between, I started liking the second song ‘Come Dig Me Out’. I found the song that became the hit of the record ‘Shut Up’ clever and the lyrics on the ninth ‘Too Much of You’ sharp; ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ was once again the last song on the album.

Ok. I will put the record next to her daddy’s records, I might listen to it the next time I have a party and that’s it! I prefer listening to Courtney Love or, in the worst case, Avril Lavigne.

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